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Aaron Hammond’s policies on healthcare issues



Healthcare  ›  Drug Price Regulation

Should the government regulate the prices of life-saving drugs?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes, and we should socialise medicine and healthcare

Healthcare  ›  Universal Dental Care

Are you in favour of universal dental care?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes

Healthcare  ›  Nurse to Patient Ratios

Should nurse to patient ratios be increased?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes

Healthcare  ›  Healthcare Privatisation

Should there be more or less privatisation of hospital and healthcare services?

AH>AH  Party’s support baseLess

Healthcare  ›  Marijuana

Do you support the legalisation of Marijuana?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes, and legalise, tax, and regulate marijuana instead of criminalizing it

Healthcare  ›  Safe Haven

Should cities open drug “safe havens” where people who are addicted to illegal drugs can use them under the supervision of medical professionals?

AH>AH  Party influenceYes