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Aaron Hammond’s policies on social issues

These issues below are sorted in descending order based on how important the average Australian voter ranked them on the quiz.


Social  ›  Abortion

What is your stance on abortion?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbasePro-choice, but ban after the first three months

Social  ›  Gay Marriage

Do you support the legalisation of same sex marriage?

AH>AH  Party’s support baseYes

Social  ›  LGBT Adoption Rights

Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes

Social  ›  Death Penalty

Should the death penalty be reinstated?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseNo

Social  ›  Gender Workplace Diversity

Should businesses be required to have women on their board of directors?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseNo

Social  ›  Pill Testing at Music Festivals

Do you support drug testing at live music festivals?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes

Social  ›  Safe Schools

Should the government continue to fund the Safe Schools Coalition?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes

Social  ›  Niqāb

Should women be allowed to wear a Niqāb, or face veil, to civic ceremonies?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseYes, but their identity must be privately verified by a female staff member

Social  ›  Transgender Athletes

Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete against athletes that differ from their assigned sex at birth?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseNo

Social  ›  Lock Out Laws

Do you support lock out laws?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond voterbaseNo