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@9YFS3SFLiberal answered…2mos

Yes, because the workforce has reduced due to the vaccine mandate

@9Z74VCJLiberal answered…3wks

More nurses are needed - see - 7 yr old girl died whilst waiting in ED to be treated Perth Childrens Hosital

@9YMGCJ2Liberal answered…2mos

dependent on patient requirement, funding model etc. question too simplistic

@9VL9GRRArts Party answered…6mos

@9S826HSSocialist Alliance answered…11mos

Yes, but only if it is because the patient is severely un-well

@9SKPG3RConservative answered…11mos

Should depend on the hospital, nurse experience, quality of care and location.

@9RXLL3KOne Nation answered…12mos

Yes, depending on the amount of care a patient requires, possibly with an assessment. I think the funding however should not come from tax on luxury cars and yachts.

@9QBJDGKAnimal Justice answered…1yr

It would depend on the case for example if it’s a case that isn’t serious then they don’t need 15 nurses looking after them but someone with a serious case who needs the care should have the help they need.

@9KWFNQ3Reason answered…1yr

Nursing ratios are an inout control and don't affect quality.. other measure need to be considered

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

Are you saying there’s not enough nurses for the patients? Or too many patients for the nurses? Just don’t run hospitals on skeleton crews.


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