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@97X92L6 answered…2mos

Yes because the acuity of patients is increasing with our ageing population.

@93R3M8Y answered…7mos

The optimal ratio is known but the quality of the staff is the issue

@934GY58 answered…8mos

@9324Y8Y answered…9mos

Same should include nursing homes nurse resident ratio x1 nurse to 4 persons

@92Z9R5Q answered…9mos

Yes, but more nurses need to be employed our hospitals need more bed nurses and Dr, especially in rural areas

@92SSQ99Liberal answered…9mos

Based off the skills of the combined average of the organisation is what the patient ratio should be.

@92SPQBZ answered…9mos

This needs to be based on hours of care given, across the board ratios are not needed, however some areas require more nurses than others.

@92FD37J answered…9mos

Yes, but this needs to be implemented across all hospital sites and wards, nursing wages are putrid, the whole system is broken

@92FC8HB answered…9mos

Yes, and funnel all funding previously cancelled/defunded (ie, used to instead subsidise fossil fuel industries) to this initiative.

@92CKJDM answered…10mos

@9285CZJ answered…10mos

@9232PDJ answered…10mos

This is not acheivable with the way hospitals are currently run, nurses are underpaid, overworked and stretched thin as is.

@8ZV8LVV answered…10mos

Nurse to Patient Ratio should be no higher than 1:4 in the day and 1:7 in the night

@8ZSH8WQ answered…11mos

The medical and nursing staff should elevate each patients need with a baseline requirement that nurses are caring for not more then 5patiebts at a time

@8ZLR7S5Labor answered…11mos

Yes, but the model should be 1:3 on general wards too. The population is getting older, we are being given an environment on high falls risk demented patients, violent intellectually impaired patients awaiting NDIS funding and bariatric patients. All nurses are burned out.

@8ZFLJ5FGreen answered…11mos

Nurse:patient ratios should be DECREASED (lower patient numbers is better!) which is what I think the question was actually asking but used the incorrect terminology

@8Y63TBHLiberal answered…1yr

More nurses are needed - see - 7 yr old girl died whilst waiting in ED to be treated Perth Childrens Hosital

@8XLFBGZLiberal answered…1yr

dependent on patient requirement, funding model etc. question too simplistic

@8XDR2RDLiberal answered…1yr

Yes, because the workforce has reduced due to the vaccine mandate

@8TK8FQQ answered…2yrs

@8RJNF2Q answered…2yrs

Should depend on the hospital, nurse experience, quality of care and location.

@8R6Z5GR answered…2yrs

@8QWKK2J answered…2yrs

Yes, depending on the amount of care a patient requires, possibly with an assessment. I think the funding however should not come from tax on luxury cars and yachts.


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