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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...11yrs

Yes, and immediately release anyone serving time solely for drug offenses

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...10yrs

Yes, and legalise, tax, and regulate marijuana instead of criminalizing it

@94DR49QLabor answered…1mo

Yes but heavily taxed and made available to at least 20 years of age

@943T679 answered…2mos

Yes, but only for medical purposes and people who need it to live properly

@93H3FCS answered…3mos

@936BJMV answered…4mos

@934YKH2 answered…4mos

Only for medical use, only as an oil or non smoking form, only with the hallucinogens removed

@9346PS9 answered…4mos

I think all drug use should be looked down upon, but that is for communities at large to handle. It should be legalised and possibly even taxed, but the negative effects (even as a painkiller) should be considered by others before use.

@933WB24 answered…5mos

@932YHHF answered…5mos

Yes, but it's use when driving etc should be illegal like drink driving

@932FV4V answered…5mos

De-criminalise all drugs and provide education, rehabilitation and counselling services etc (like successful European countries) tailored to the severity and nature of drug I.e marijuana vs. hard drugs

@932F65K answered…5mos

Yes, it already is in Canberra, why nit the rest of the country with the same rules and penalties.

@932D2ZRGreen answered…5mos

Yes, and decriminalise all recreational and medicinal marijuana use.

@92YR928Liberal answered…5mos

Yes but the smoke cannot affect members of the public or minors in a household.

@92X8DQH answered…5mos

Yes but with limited growing and possession amounts not to be exceeded

@92WGCY9 answered…5mos

I believe yes only if it for medical or if addicts get help with it.

@92TRHJR answered…5mos

Yes, it should be legalised, taxed and regulated along with having prisoners released that are serving time solely for marijuana use.

@92SBTCF answered…5mos

@92P9Y4LGreen answered…5mos

Yes. But only if there are carbon offset programs to reduce the negative environmental effects of the cannabis industry.

@92P83Z2 answered…5mos

Yes, but penalties need to apply to people that force others to use cannibis where they get a psychosis as a consequence

@92N5H8X answered…5mos

Yes, for medical reasons as well as people use it sensibly & not causing any harm or trouble.

@92M2FBBLiberal answered…5mos

No beach I think it might lead to people misbehaving in public places too

@92JWTFC answered…5mos

@92D4YC9Labor answered…6mos

Yes, but only medicinal use in regulated dosages and proven treatments, no smoking, edibles etc


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