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Aaron Hammond’s policies on domestic policy issues



Domestic Policy  ›  Aboriginal recognition

Should the constitution recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond votersYes

Domestic Policy  ›  Drug Policy

Are you in favour of decriminalising drug use?

AH>AH  Party’s support baseYes

Domestic Policy  ›  Live Exports

Should the government allow the export of live animals to foreign countries?

AH>AH  Party’s support baseNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Woman Quotas

Should political parties be required to run a certain percentage of women candidates?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond votersNo

Domestic Policy  ›  GP Visits

Should health insurers be allowed to cover GP visits?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond votersYes

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Domestic Policy  ›  Housing Bubble

Should the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raise interest rates to prevent a housing bubble?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond votersNo

Domestic Policy  ›  Monarchy

Should Australia end the monarchy and become a republic?

AH>AH  Aaron Hammond votersNo