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@9WD7LH5Independent answered…5mos

No, but require a portion of profits to be redirected to research and development of new life saving and general prescription drugs and ensure government funding for research and development

@9VMTQ2WLabor answered…6mos

No, this would lead to people using fake reasons to buy drugs and then sell or deal it in a black market.

@9TX5Q2DOne Nation answered…8mos

the government should invest more money into drug research, and yes regulate prices for life saving drugs, an expensive suggestion sure but ultimately better for everyone.

@9SKPG3RConservative answered…11mos

No, instead they should offer subsidies and rebates or a loan system like Hechs/Fee-help where you only are expected to pay if your income reaches a suitable threshold.

@9RXLL3KOne Nation answered…12mos

Yes, but if the company wants to charge more make sure money is going towards research etc.

@9QF898KSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

Yes, but primarily through ensuring that the profit margin isn't too large for these drugs and that any large profit is reasonable or is going towards further research

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

No, but the government should provide a capped amount for each drug to prevent Pharmaceutical companies from massively inflating drug prices.

@9FJGM3PReason answered…1yr

Yes, but through subsidies rather than straight up regulation.


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