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 @4Z87MLMfrom Queensland answered…4yrs4Y

If they re-introduced the Bible we would have far less mental health problems!

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Don't really care about this, most nutcases bring it upon themselves by abusing drugs.


This issue runs back to basics. Early childhood is where a majority of issues stem. Relieve pressure on families and a lot of mental health care issues are removed

 @4ZG2RJBfrom Victoria answered…4yrs4Y

 @4ZFNRLDfrom Western Australia answered…4yrs4Y

Yes there needs to be more funds allocated for better treatment. The research is already out there. 93% of people in mental institutions don't belong the as they are suffering from sub-clinical nutritional deficiencies.

 @4ZDSBX6from Victoria answered…4yrs4Y

I would prefer to see a question that asks me if I'd like to increase the funding into research for childhood cancers. If I can lose my 5 year old niece to a brain tumour that has NO federal funding for research and also has a 0% survival rate, suggests to me that something is wrong with where we allocate research funding.

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not at all, mental health isnt a thing and is fake. people cant get depression they just get it to gain attention. if i had any mental illness i would just not care and it will go away. mental health is not an issue at all and is just some made up thing to make my generation more weak

 @9FB8KYYfrom Washington answered…9mos9MO


University trained Counsellors need to be given access to Medicare to support the mental health crises.


Yes, but the effort should be in making it more accessible for everyone, and perhaps less feminised for men, and really try to promote more diverse mental treatment catered to diverse groups.


Yes, and make the mental health Medicare sessions up to 20 instead of 10


-Government shouldn’t mandate how you should think or deem you mentally ill for thinking differently (while not showing harm to yourself or others) -Culture and support systems just as important as mental health services


Yes, with a focus on systems equally available to all citizens (including rural and remote)


No understanding of the level of funding or how it is currently spent or targeted


Yes, and decriminalise psychedelics which have proven mental health benefits


Yes but functional/holistic alternatives should be allowed and funded also.


Yes. But government should look into traditional methods used intentionally or accidentally in communities that has less mental health issues and initiate changes in lifestyle to prevent mental health issue. There is not much in the current system.


Yes, but only subject to a royal commission into mental health funding reform


I think that we should stick with the current funding for mental health research and treatment




This question is too broad based to be useful, as the term mental is such a blanket term.

 @3BFCWT2Katter’s Australianfrom Queensland answered…4yrs4Y

Yes, Australia should increase federal funding for research on how to prevent mental illness from birth.


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