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@5ZZXXSDDemocratic Labourfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

It is ironic that the average working Registered Nurse working in a private hospital can not afford private health insurance to receive care that is provided by that nurse. Healthcare services need to be accessible by everyone even if it means increased taxes for that purpose. The healthcare system must be forward moving only.

@5WYBH4FLiberalfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Less. Public health is all our problem. Privatisation = profit for a select few

@GlenmarFamily Firstfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

Absolutely not or we will end up like the USA where people's health will be dependent upon if they have insurance or not. The medicare system as it is has been working so why change it.

@9SDDZQLAnimal Justice answered…11mos

I don’t fully understand this. I believe we all Deserve the right room free health care.

Public medical and healthcare services should be means-tested for those that are unable to afford private healthcare.

@9SLGWF7Green answered…11mos

Should be more government funding available for those who don’t have the money for private medical bills but should still be the option to go private

@9Z4DTBNGreen answered…1mo

Less, and Pensioners should have access to free private health insurance to ensure high quality and timely care.

@9YT4ZYTDemocratic Labour answered…2mos

Less, but keep the workers paid well and working good hours.

@9XYXM4GLabor answered…3mos

i think healthcare should be equal and available to everyone.

I think that there should be more done in the health department, more free health care and more people in the health industry.

@9X9TD87Labor answered…4mos

More privatisation however heavily regulated and keep Medicare funding

@9X9B7J7Labor answered…4mos

hospital and health care services should be free/cheaper for all

@9X6G2FKLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

Just get the government out of the goddamn industry already!

@9X3K28XAnimal Justice answered…4mos

Less, however people who earn less than 20k a year should have extra government funding options for dental and surgery needs.

@9X3DTXCUnited Australia answered…4mos

The health system is getting to a point that the expense is beginning to outweigh the benefit of having private health cover whether you qualify for the extra levy or not

@9WSLGFGLiberal answered…4mos

The wrong question. A Royal Commission into healthcare services is needed, similar to the banking RC, to bring to light the unnecessary test, procedures and operations that are carried out. A Best Interest Duty, similar to what the Future of Financial Advice (2013) FOFA reforms brought to financial planning industry.

@9VYDLDFScience answered…5mos

Same level of privatisation along with increased government funding for non private healthcare

@9VQK6HBNick Xenophon Team answered…6mos

We are so lucky to have a public health system . Count your blessings.

@9VLV9FBDemocratic Labour answered…6mos

There should be a public healthcare industry that will support everyone in the country.

@9VKQ7QYReason answered…7mos

I feel happy with things, I haven't had an issue but I do need to understand our healthcare system in more detail.

@9VJSL97Arts Party answered…7mos

There needs to be a client focussed feedback process for medical treatment from all medical professionals

@9VDDR9PGreen answered…7mos

I would usually be in favour but as a NT resident I believe the public health system is in distress and not good enough and given the low social economics health care should be readily available to all

@9VDCP8FLabor answered…7mos

I am satisfied with the current system but believe there should be more money put into public healthcare.

@9V9PBHWScience answered…8mos

with benifts and disasters of both privatisation or government funding I would say a complete redo of the system is in order.

@9SV5P94Labor answered…10mos

keep the same amount of privatisation but increase government funding

@9SKW9KJNationals answered…11mos

They should be able to co exist together while providing the same medical care with the difference being nicer rooms and potentially quicker service for non emergencies at private hospitals

@9SGL5CHFamily First answered…11mos

Remain with number privatised, however stricter government guidelines and inspectots should be present.

@9SFWYQLFamily First answered…11mos

Everyone who has a job have private health as happened until this free health came in. It was terrible in Qld in the 60s. But great in WA where everyone contributed

@9SF5M28Reason answered…11mos

I think that if people who are paying for private health need to actually be fully covered or more covered than what they currently are.
People you aren’t paying anything are fully covered and to me that just doesn’t make sense.
It’s us the tax payers that pay for both our own health insurance and also public patients.
Yet we are still having to pay extra on top of our health insurance plus tax.
We just need a little more cover

@9SDWPK3Nick Xenophon Team answered…11mos

I am satisfied with the current system except for private being too expensive

@9SDV27PLabor answered…11mos

I think there should definitely be more government funding specifically for those within a lower economic status, however, if people wish to choose private hospitals and healthcare services there should be a range of options available also.

@9S7C8PBNick Xenophon Team answered…11mos

Less, Dentistry should be subsidised as a necessary part of the healthcare system

@9RVHBGWLabor answered…12mos

This is a complex issue that cannot be answered by a check box


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