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@933DCT3 answered…5mos

Yes, have halal processing centres in Australia. Export packaged meat.

@92YPGN6 answered…5mos

@92XSKBH answered…5mos

Yes, and we should be a driver of animal cruelty laws in other countries and set an international standard.

@92H2WL4 answered…5mos

 @DrewWolfSP from GU answered…5mos

Yes, but only via air and to countries which enforce animal cruelty laws

@92CJP5R answered…6mos

@929XNJB answered…6mos

No, we should kill the animal here to increase local jobs and ship the dead animal in cool storage

@92437JC answered…6mos

@92273JCLabor answered…6mos

Processed by Australian workers in our meatworks. Maintaining jobs

@8ZNCHDKLabor answered…7mos

No. We should not be increasing the world consumption of meat, too much of which is bad for human and planetary health

@8YWLX4JIndependent answered…8mos

Yes but only if the exporting companies adhere to animal welfare standards

@8YML23V answered…8mos

Yes if exports are cruelty free certified going to countries which enforce animal cruelty laws

@8YJP5NJGreen answered…9mos

No, but foreign aid to create freezer capability to these export countries and set up culturally appropriate abbatoirs here in australia

@8Y7BS49 answered…9mos

Yes, but under strict conditions...example i want to import a beef bull for breeding or some breeding stock we should be able to do this....mass hit and miss exports of cattle to an unknown destination or fate is not acceptable but an organised and monitored process as we do with race horses would be depends on the customers integrity really

@8XNR85Y answered…10mos

@8XMQM9LOne Nation answered…10mos

Strict rules need to apply. Animal cruelty is rife in countries and we need to make sure they are humanly killed

@8XJ6J2DIndependent answered…11mos

Not really because if you go to send a animal/s over sea's to another country, depending on how long it takes, the animal could possibly die from starvation, lack of water (if the food and water had ran out) or possible could die from motion sickness.

@8X5RXBD answered…11mos

Well it would depend on the purpose and if the animal can adapt to Australia’s environment.

@8WGBVNCIndependent answered…12mos

If it’s essential yes, but with strict regulation to ensure it’s humane

@8WD6DLL answered…12mos

Only if they are animals that will not ruin the ecosystem of the place they are going to

@8WC6Z4WGreen answered…12mos

Yes and no, it is helpful to other countries but it is also important to reduce the cruelty on the animals

@8VKFLR2Liberal answered…1yr

Yes but only as animals in zoos or exotic pets, owners of exotic pets should have a licence for keeping one or more.

@8VFSW22Liberal answered…1yr

yes only after we have excess of meat within the country then we can sell excess

@8VBSMLPGreen answered…1yr

Yes but with ensuring that they are ethically transported and exported

@8V5M6JQLiberal answered…1yr

Yes but only to promote animal breeding programs. All animals intended for the countries food source should be boxed meat meeting Australian standards.

@8TZCPCSLiberal answered…1yr

Depends if the animals are not under volence or abuse or neglection


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