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@6B4S5NKLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

To be honest, Im sick of recognizing Aboriginal people. this country is going to end up being run by Aboriginals soon and the white man will be a second class citizen. Hell we can't even claim racism when an Aboriginal calls us whiteys or crackers or honky or any racial slur.

@5YB9BMXGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

They should recognise all religions and cultures but provide no benefit for any as we are all Australian.

@5XQN6CTLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

It's important, but a referendum is incredibly expensive to hold. It would be more efficient to actually do something that would provide resources that would actually help someone, and serve more of a purpose than just sit there as a token gesture.

@KiceannaGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

No, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders are Australian, thus I would argue they are recognized and represented, even if not by name. The constitution doesn't need to change.

@9ZBTJ3KPirate Party answered…2wks

No, the constitution should not reference any race in particular, but address all Australians as equal.

@9Z8CT5BOne Nation answered…2wks

Absolutely not...there is no place for race based laws in Australia...we are all people....nothing else....just people.

@9YMXL59Liberal answered…2mos

The constitution should recognise all Australians as Australians.

@9YJ93P6One Nation answered…2mos

The Constitution recognises all Australian citizens Indigenous or not.

@joyceaquilinaLiberal answered…7mos

Yes only if relevant and enduring. Constitution should be the core belief system and inclusive to all people. Indigenous people only need to be mentioned specifically if they have specific needs requirements that differ from everybody else.

@9V4HV24Liberal answered…8mos

Yes, on condition there are safeguards within the law to prevent financial or land ownership reparations.

@9V46GHFLiberal answered…8mos

If you live in this land, you are Australian, and you are included

@9SKPG3RConservative answered…11mos

The constitution be applied to all citizens and not distinguish between types

@9QQ5TN7Nationals answered…1yr

Yes, but later once the national debt has significantly reduced

@9GM9FRGNationals answered…1yr

yes, the constitution should recognize them as the original owners while still making it clear that the land no longer belongs to them.

@9DVFMT6Arts Party answered…1yr

No, the Constitution should not recognise any group in particular.

@9VV3YS4Independent answered…5mos

Yes, but abolish any laws & benefits that favour them. One constitution, one rule for everyone. One flag, one anthem


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