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@5X47P3FGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

@62WSTKNLiberalfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Not ready still immature population to deal with an Republic,besides all states should be dissolved, as well as all amateur councils .Creation of one national government with say 50 regional councils run by professionals rather than pathetic states having petty fights and crummy councils out of control.
In fact Councils do not exist under the Constitution.

@5XBDNM3Greenfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

@6F5D2KTFamily First answered…1yr

Remain a monarchy but choose an aboriginal royal family instead of British

@5WGZYK7Nationalsfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

@62B3YFLGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

It should be considered in the best interest of Australia after the UK's exit from the European Union, however no firm decision should be made until we are sure if there will be any negative effects on Australia either way.

@5XBBYZ6Greenfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

@62SVYQVLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

Yes, the days of empire are over, treat the commonwealth countries as equal trading partners, we don't need a Ruler.

@693MDB8Laborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

Not until a generally accepted model is produced to make sure we do not leave open the possibility of a Trump type anomaly

@5X46X5PGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

@9YV4BL5One Nation answered…2mos

Depends on how Australia ad a country would be able to function

@9YGGZZWNationals answered…2mos

I do not have an opinion on this, as I am uneducated on the subject.

@9ZKR7MWDemocratic Labour answered…2 days

we don't need the monarchy to strive as a country but becoming a representative would give too much power to one government body. rather than abolish the monarch representative they could be left in position and we could keep our current system without a monarch if possible.

@9ZHWHTBLiberal answered…4 days

Yes, but only if the head of state is appointed, not votes for by the public. Basically the same as the GG now.

@9ZD7NDMGreen answered…2wks

Yes, but rather than an American-style President we should continue with our current system, replacing the person with the ability to sack the government with a non-partisan council elected separately by citizens. Candidates for said council should not have held a position as a representative before, and have no influence over parliamentary decisions - only over whether to re-form government.

@9ZB6Q5ZSocialist Alliance answered…2wks

Neither. Australia should first recognize Indigenous sovereignty.

@9ZB25DSLabor answered…2wks

only if we rebuild the current situation else everything would just be status quo, need a new systems that provides more checks and balances

@9Z72P43Animal Justice answered…3wks

Not really sure. Whatever is best economically for the country.

@9YZ7LYBLabor answered…1mo

No, this is a very low priority and we need to sort out far more serious issues.

@9YVNCLFLiberal answered…2mos

It should remove the reigning monarch and institute an Australian monarchy instead

@9X2LPB9Arts Party answered…4mos

No, the Crowned Republic is the most stable political system on Earth.

@9W8WVQQLabor answered…5mos

Yes, but only with a clear plan for the establishment of a Bill of Rights

@9VDZKRLLabor answered…7mos

In the future, there are more important issues that should be dealt with first

@ImHereLabor answered…7mos

No, but reform the position of Governor-General to be more symbolic and limit any power.

@9V8DFJKIndependent answered…8mos

yes, but if the crown dose not pass to prince Charles we might stay a monarchy

@9TPWJNMDemocratic Labour answered…9mos

It doesn’t matter either way. But it is kind of nice knowing Britain has our back.

@9SVX6G9Reason answered…10mos

No. The Monarchy is only currently symbolic and removing won't change anything.

@9SLLY48One Nation answered…11mos

Australia should abolish the democracy and become an Absolute Monarchy

@9SFTMSLLabor answered…11mos


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