Yes, and ban all immigration until the government improves its screening process
No, banning immigrants based on their religion is unconstitutional
Yes, until terrorist attacks decrease
No, but we should ban immigrants from “high risk” countries

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See how importance of “Muslim Immigrant Ban” has changed over time for 536k Australia voters.

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 @4TH6SCXfrom Queensland answered…4yrs4Y

Australia should ban all immigration of Muslim people as they do not assimilate with the Multicultural and democratic way of life here in Australia. Since allowing Muslims into Australia, violence and in particular violence against females has increased substantially. Furthermore, the practice of the Muslim religion should also be banned here in Australia. All mosques should be turned into domestic violence shelters for women. All halal products should be banned also. Muslim only want to change Australia into the horrible country they left and remove the rights of Australians. They recruit the Aboriginal community to rise up against the rest of Australia.

 @4TMZLTPfrom Victoria answered…4yrs4Y

Whilst I agree that banning is unconstitutional, I believe that Muslims are as much of a problem as Roman Catholics were and still are.

 @4ZR4GM9from New South Wales answered…4yrs4Y

Political correctness is killing the western world. We're so concerned with being called racists we bow to someone calling us silly names. There needs to be a massive injection of common sense and prudency to expidite processes as well as support in place once refugees are processed to stem the flow of problems.

 @4V57V7Jfrom Queensland answered…4yrs4Y

This is the Most racist thing are we back in Negro day You should be embarrassed putting this on Am not a Muslim either

 @4ZJ9F37from New South Wales answered…4yrs4Y

This is so racist to assume only Muslims are terrorists. They are victims of terrorism. Let them in.

 @4YNBG6Hfrom Queensland answered…4yrs4Y

Seriously this is being discussed. How about we also stop all Christians in case they are affiliated with the KKK. Yes lets discriminate against Muslim immigrants because all terror plots in Aus haven't been from home grown terrorists. NO as Australians we cannot and should not discriminate, normal screening is ok.

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