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@9ZJ8LK4Green answered…3 days

Yes, but improve the inclusion of parents and family members in the treatment program, unless otherwise harmful to the person transitioning. If parents are paying or supporting the child, they should have be included in discussions.

@9ZHK5P2Labor answered…4 days

Yes, parents should be made aware of the decision of the child. Without parental permission, only children over the age of 16 can receive gender-transition treatments. The reasoning behind parents not giving permission must be recorded and displayed to the child and the doctor to assess if their reasoning is valid. If yes then the child must wait until they are 16, if not then they would be allowed. Of course, there would be a form of criteria to assess this from. Parents must be made aware at any age, but have no control over the transition treatment go ahead after the child turns 16.

@9ZB25DSLabor answered…2wks

@9VYGMX5Labor answered…5mos

Yes, but only for non-surgical treatments such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy until they are at least 16 years old. Past 16, 100% yes.

@9VP2HZLAnimal Justice answered…6mos

Yes, but they must see a psychologist to know what they are doing

@9VDLRKHIndependent answered…7mos

I believe people under the age of 18 should not be able to go on Hormone Replacement Therapy. I do think that puberty blockers and social transition should be allowed given the minor is in consistent contact with a gender specialist.

@9V5L9ZRLabor answered…8mos

@9TXGKWXGreen answered…8mos

This is a tricky question, and I guess is dependant on case by case. Of course children are entitled to freedom of speech and freedom regarding their body, however as a teenager I was quick to make decisions based on social standards and in the moment emotions, I think setting the boundary at least allows a child time to develop and understand what they are looking to do

@9T6F6RDLiberal Democrat answered…9mos

Yes, but only if considered medically necessary after extensive (multi-year) monitoring of the alleged gender dysphoria.

@9T5L4QLLabor answered…10mos

Yes but treatment needs to be weighed in how harmful the process is, if deemed safe surgery done

@9Z4S5QRGreen answered…1mo

Yes, if they have been evaluated by medical professionals who deem it reasonable.

@9Z4DTBNGreen answered…1mo

Yes, provided that a clinical psychologist has been involved for a significant period of time to ensure it is right for the child.

@9YPGQYLNationals answered…2mos

Need to go through mental health supports prior to making a decision

@9WD7LH5Independent answered…5mos

Yes, but allow for a joint committee into resolving the debate surrounding gender transition

@9W657PCSocialist Alliance answered…5mos

Yes, but only with puberty blockers and hormones after the age of 16 with parental consent and regular mandetory therapy sessions to make sure they are comfortable with their decision.

@9VL9FHXNationals answered…6mos

Yes provided that the child is currently intersex/indeterminate and the treatment is therapeutic and safe.

@9VFG6XDGreen answered…7mos

This is not up to the government to decide, but instead up to the individuals involved. The government needs to stop dictating people's rights to bodily autonomy.

@KaosScience answered…7mos

If the child is biologically both genders or has genetic abnormalities they should receive treatments and treated as a medical condition, changing gender due to personal preference should not be possible until both medically safe and the person is of the age of 18 and should be treated as an elective opperation and not supported by the goverment


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