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 @9K68M4KLiberal answered…3mos3MO

Family is the people of your blood, of your kinship and ancestors.


People who are adopted or leave their blood realitives because they are abusive or not accepting of them and choose new families that aren't blood related.


Family is having someone to love you unconditionally for who you are as a person, and to support you through all of the ups and downs of life.


some parents who put their children up for adoption are often people who don't have the capabilities to raise a child, the child is given to parents with those capabilities, and who offer as much love as if they were blood related.


The definition of family is what you choose it to be, which differs per person. Family is your blood and the family you choose, including guardians or carers.

 @9K827K9from California answered…3mos3MO

Family is where you feel most comfortable and safest. This has always been the same for me.


Family can be anything from adopted parents and siblings, to foster families, to found 'families' (like friendships) and to LGBTQ+ families.

 @9JTNGP4Liberal answered…4mos4MO

Family to me is our ancestors as well knowing where your origins are and they have not changed


Family is who you are genetically related to, as well as legally related to (e.g., adopted kids, step-parents, etc)



Family is those in imediate and extended relation to yourself, this could include an informal adoption of close friends into this family.

 @9K68M4KLiberal answered…3mos3MO


Family can be whatever an individual person believes. It is an open definition, it could be blood, or non-blood, two parents, one parent, 3 parents, no children, not dating and only adopting or having pets. It's all personal

 @9K328QWSocialist Allianceanswered…3mos3MO

Family is a support network of people who surround and care for someone.
This can be blood related or not.

 @9K2SLQMOne Nationanswered…3mos3MO

The definition of family is a unit that have both mother and father with their intended amount of children although society has been brainwashed on this subject it is detrimental to the survival of society and their mental health that the manipulations into these matters ends


Family is the family unit and extended people that they associate with on a regular basis with support and care. They don’t have to be blood relatives


Family was who I was related to when I was younger, but now it's people I choose to have close to me, the people I love, and care for


Family at first for me was those who I was related to by blood. But now the definition has broadened I believe it is not only those who you are related to by blood but also those such as your friends who you have created a deep and everlasting bond with each other


a group of people living together as a group with parents of one or more and children's either foster or biological and no it has not changed

 @9K6CXSS answered…3mos3MO

The definition has generally evolved over time but to me it's always been just having a parental figure raising a bunch of kids.


Family and in-turn the concept of the Nuclear family are always ever changing whether that be on a societal or personal level. For myself, family is wrought with generational trauma and alcohol dependence, a trait all too common in Scottish/ Irish lineage. The idea of family was dashed rather early in my life experience, resulting in finding family and strength through friendship bonds, some deeper than those I lack in a familial context.


family is a group of people that you trust and have learnt to build a strong relationship with. It is not defined by blood.


A family can be established beyond blood relations. The definition of family has evolved and will likely continue to change depending on society's values.


Family is in a very narrow sense biological, but its strength is amplified when your family provides for you, takes care of you, provides you with opportunities to succeed etc. Simple biological relation is neither necessary nor sufficient to impose familial obligation on an individual


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