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No, but unless you have to remove the terrorists to keep Palestinians alive until the end of the war, Israel will pay for the damage in Gaza that was destroyed and kill innocent people.


I believe that there should be a permanent ceasefire on both sides wherein Hamas stops using both Palestinians and Israeli as shields and where Israel is held responsible for the unjust genocide and continued segregation of Palestinians. No one's hands are clean. This is the escalation of an apartheid within the nation that has been present since its partition, it needs to be resolved in diplomacy, not violence.

 @9K8TZN2New Liberalanswered…3mos3MO

No. Not without a call for / resolution for the immediate return of hostages and immediate laying down of arms by Hamas, whose direct actors must be imprisoned. Followed by the dissolution of Hamas and UNWRA

 @9JTJ6RFAustralian Democratsanswered…4mos4MO

No, Hamas has demonstrated, it will not abide by a ceasefire and will continue to use Hostages and Palestinians as human shields


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