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Pro-choice, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

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Pro-life, but allow in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child

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Pro-choice, I don’t agree but the government has no right to ban it

@4ZJZF5MGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

@4ZGSTDXLiberal Democratfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

Duel decision,unless in cases of rape,incest or danger to the mother or child or with written consent of both mother and father to have an abortion within 3 months.Legally it should be both parents decision.If father wants an abortion and mother doesn't he should not be held financially responsible for the child and vice versa if the father does want the child and the mother doesn't.

@4ZZSR8Qfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

@4ZM4YQCDemocratic Labourfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

Nothing to do with Church OR State - Leave it out of the Political Arena

@4VXBQGDLiberalfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

Pro-life, with the waiver that if a woman's life is at risk and at least two doctors agree she is, then an abortion should be allowed. In general though, abortions should be discouraged, and neither women or men should be allowed to insist on an abortion for the woman in question, nor she herself, if neither child or woman is in any physical danger.

@98T4QY6 answered…2wks

Pro life but allow if the mother was raped or if there is a medical problem that could make giving birth dangerous

@98LDNWJfrom Massachusetts  answered…1mo

Pro life, but allow for cases of rape and danger to the mother (only within a certian time frame)

@98FDSZR answered…2mos

@987BL56 answered…2mos

It’s an unavoidable necessity that should be free and safe but discouraged

@97VFJQ3from California  answered…3mos

Both because rape and incest or endangerment to the parent or child abortion is fine but also providing birth control and more sex education on safe sex.

@97PB3KF answered…3mos

prochoice but the farther should have a say and if he wants the baby to be aborted and they keep it they shouldn't have to pay child support

@97N26XN answered…3mos

to save a mother's life and for under age women who are pregnant and no restrictions

@973K7VH answered…3mos

Pro life is pro choice, if you care about women and their wellbeing's over a foetus then you are pro-life. I am pro choice and pro women's rights.

@96TCBH7 answered…4mos

Pro-choice, but ban after the first three months except if there would be significant danger to mother or in case of severe congenital defects. Abortion should not be forced on another through coercion.

@96SYDV8 answered…4mos

Pro-life, but against banning it due to the difficulty in enforcing it without adversely effecting those who were raped or lacked the understanding of what happened going in. I also support birth control, sex education, and social services to reduce the number of abortions.

@96GW6XR answered…4mos

everyone should have the right and the option to as of not everyone can help support

@96FVK5J answered…4mos

Pro-Life, but allow in cases of danger to the mother or child and provide more social services to help with the raising of the child

@9684N3NLiberal Democrat answered…4mos

@967Y54D answered…4mos

i think that rapists should be able to abort and it can only be done before a couple months

@964VVWY answered…4mos

@96237D2 answered…4mos

Pro-life but allow exceptions in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother or child. There should also be more education and social services regarding birth control and options.

@95NSNNQ answered…5mos

Abortion in my religion is not allowed, therefore i do not agree with abortion, however during health situations the mother is first.

@95J7SZ3 answered…5mos

pro-life , although it depends on the circumstance of why they wish to get an abortion whether it be from sexual assault ( rape ) ect

@958TMXH answered…5mos

Pro-choice, but ban after the first six months, and providing birth control, sex education, and more social services will help reduce the number of abortions

@94DNMGS answered…6mos

Pro-life but allow in cases of rape, incest, fetus with potential disabilities, danger to the mother and child

@94CWB6Z answered…6mos

@94465Y3Green answered…6mos

Pro choice, but I don't completely support all forms of birth control that have negative effects on women's health.

@942B6LD answered…6mos

Pro-choice, but the people arguing on both sides are quite profoundly dumb

@93Z3CH4 answered…7mos


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