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@9VL3KLCLabor answered…6mos

Yes, But must be publicly recorded, and all lobbyists who donate should be known who they affiliate with

@9SVX6G9Reason answered…10mos

Yes, but require these donations to be visible on a public database

@9SMWVB2Science answered…10mos

Yes, but they must be transparent so others can know what they're donating.

@9Z6W3G4Socialist Alliance answered…3wks

Yes, but limit the amount of money and publicise all donations

@9Y96X7FOne Nation answered…2mos

Yes, as long as the amount is publicly accessible knowledge

@9Y5L82VLiberal Democrat answered…3mos

This is grey area - and needs a major over haul from transparency POV

@9XS3SWSGreen answered…3mos

Yes, if it is transparent and reported in real time, as well as the amount they can donate is limited.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

They’ve got nothing to do with politics. Make your own funding.

@9DN2PMVReason answered…1yr

Yes but limit the amount per financial year and make all donations public information

@9VTNNJQLiberal Democrat answered…5mos

No, you are spending money to enforce your will on someone, not to buy an object or service.

@9VHNRZHLabor answered…7mos

Yes, but political parties should advertise who donates to them in order to allow the public to be aware of any bias.

@9TPWJNMDemocratic Labour answered…9mos

It can turn I to bribes but anyone should be able to donate possible with a cap

@9FXWWMZScience answered…1yr

Yes but they must be and remain anonymous, especially to the politicians


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