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People deserve somewhere to live. Housing has become a vehicle for wealth, but its not ok that this has taken away the basic human right to have a place to live. A poor person doesn't need a mansion, but they deserve some form of housing at a minimum.

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If affordable and prevents more people becoming homeless then who cares where the housing is. Id rather have a roof over my head than nothing.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to live somewhere affordable that is close to public services and employment opportunities.


More low density buildings in important areas of a suburb such as shopping centres and/or train stations is not efficient and doesn't give access to services for the most people.

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Urban sprawl leads to larger, further-spaced cities which increases car-dependency and deforestation. Urban sprawl is also economically inviable as it produces less tax revenue than higher density suburbs.


It depends on what the community and the owner of the building wants to do with it


It can be an available option for many people but high density residential buildings have it's cons


Yes & No we need homes and development of regional area with smart infrastructure should be a priority. High density living is also needed but should not be a priority. This paired with more employers allowing work from home giving more incentive to live in those areas.
The government needs to focus on lowering building costs.

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No, but incentivize the construction of single family home neighborhoods over high rise apartment blocks.


I Believe that the Government shouldn't make Residential areas To Busy, and instead we should look into expanding into suburbs or looking into placing more High density residential buildings in other places and expand cities.


Yes but other infrastructure such as public transport, roads, parking and healthcare etc need to be able to support this


Depending on the area and population density. However if you can retrofit old warehouses into being an apartment block that’s fine, but not every area needs high rise buildings.


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