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It would be sad, however I don't think I would personally care too much.


Natural beauty is pertinent to the earth and to not be able to enjoy and rather entrapped in a concrete jungle would be a shame


I would be very upset to see that the world's beauty has depleted by the time i have kids...we need to preserve that for all future generations


i would not be at ease with this notion. I believe we need to do more for our enviornment to ensure our children do get to enjoy earths natural beauty.


The time and positive ways that humans experience the beauty of nature promotes pro-environmental behaviours and ideologies. As the climate change we are facing is anthropogenic, it is up to humans to stop these anthropogenic causes. Pro-environmentalism, and therefore experiencing the beauty of nature, is required to enact climate conservation.


No, I want my children to experience the beautiful world that I am able to live in


I believe that if the next generation cannot see the beauty of nature, then it is sad that, but we can always use out experience from our past time to relay on your children if the next generation doesn't get to see the beauty of nature.


No, the Earth more important than some stupid money number that needs to grow forever and ever just to sustain the unsustainable.

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There are already less bugs, plants, animals, birds than there was 10 years ago why keep moving it forward and making it look like we live in the Lorax movement


It doesn't really need facts to support this would you rather look at lifeless man made creations or man made creations that are surrounded by life or even incorporate life into the the creation itself.


No, I would not be at ease, but I also recognize that the majority of people discuss environmental issues and voice their outrage without taking any further actions to resolve the problem.


I would not be. at ease but I understand that the implementation of environmentally friendly processes that resolve this issue would be extremely difficult to enforce on a widespread scale.


This does worry me, but such things are inevitable. I only hope that this country and those in power to everything in their power to stop if not prevent this issue.


I don't believe that we should try and accept that the natural beauty won't be around for our children to see, but try to prevent as much damage as possible.


no. i believe our children should be able to experience everything that we are priveliged to experience and even more


I would not be at ease with this notion. I believe we need to do more for our environment to ensure our children do get to enjoy earths natural beauty.


I feel uncomfortable when I think about the fact that the next generations may miss out on the natural beauty of the world.

I am not eased by this. I want my children to be able to see the beautiful landscape that I grew up in. jk frick that


I would not be at ease, as I believe everyone should experience the world the same or better.


no i wouldn't, i would prefer for my children to be able to witness nature in its full beauty.


I am extremely uncomfortable with that notion - we should be preserving the environment and protecting natural beauty for future generations.


Obviously not. If natural beauty could only be seen in documented form and instead of experienced in person, it would be horrible.


I am not at ease with this, this terrifies me, makes me not want to have children, and hate the direction that the world is going in.

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I’m not at ease. I’d want my kids to experience the beauty of nature as I did when I was a kid.



No, I wouldn't be at ease with the notion that the natural beauty of Australia that I enjoy may not be around for my children to see.

 @9KZ3M4VLiberal Democratanswered…2mos2MO

I do not plan on having kids if the world stays this way. The world can burn for all I care.

 @9K827K9from California answered…3mos3MO

No, it is quite disturbing that so little is being done about the deteriorating state of the world.


I wouldn't be at ease, nor would I mind it at all, as I have come to terms that our world is rapidly changing into become more digital and electric. But it's still sad that they probably won't be able to see it as we do now.



No - I believe it is selfish to only conserve the environment for the people who are able to experience it currently without any consideration for future lives.


I wouldn't be at ease however I am not convinced that my children won't see the natural beauty that I enjoy.

 @9K6RPFN answered…3mos3MO

I wouldn't be at ease with it considering the fact that a lot of the decay of this natural beauty is human-induced, and therefore preventable. The next generation should be able to experience the natural world as it is meant to be.


 @9K6CXSS answered…3mos3MO

No, I want my kids to be romantics and traverse the mountains looking for the godly abominations that they have created. They also should be able to appreciate the natural beauty that this world provides and seek shelter from factories.

 @9K6CQGXLabor answered…3mos3MO

No, I would love for my children to experience the beautiful world that God has created for us.


No. It is sad to think about losing the Earth's natural beauty is only a few centuries. Photographs do not do it justuce.


I am not at all at ease with this notion. My children should see the same, if not better, natural beauty that I have had the privilege of enjoying in my life.


No. It is terrifying to think that the world as we currently know it will be destroyed because of rich and corporate greed

 @9K2SLQMOne Nationanswered…3mos3MO

It’s not anti environmentalism to understand that climate change and global warming is a fast to manipulate and control society.


No because it is a very sad thing that my children will live in a very capitalistic society.


Definitely not, while I do not intend to have kids, I believe that the future generation deserve to have a fresh start to their future and should see all the natural beauty the world has to offer.



No, its rather disturbing that the environment may not be okay by the time I grow up


No, I would like to have my children be able to see and feel this wonderful environment we have.

 @9K8L9RNSocialist Allianceanswered…3mos3MO

No. Natural beauty is one of the few certainties in life and I'd like to preserve that as much as possible.


i wouldn't be at ease, because that means the world would have drastically changed for them to not see the world im living in currently


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