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No, there will always be those with power who will do anything to achieve their ideology or personal benefit


There will always be though who want war, yet we should always seek to avoid it. I don't think we will ever achieve it, but we should be aiming to.

 @9K45HKFLabor answered…3mos3MO

The aim will be to achieve this in time although it seems to be lingering as a possibility for now and not obsolete yet


There are always power hungry people who do not care about the safety of others and will use all means necessary to get what they want. There will always be people who want wars. Creating governments that discourage violence and conflict can mitigate this as much as possible, but I think it is impossible for war to ever be obsolete. Whether fighting for good, or fighting against bad, protecting people's safety will always be an issue, and thus war will always be an issue.


No. Everything is subjective and although people are able to change their perspective on life, others gain conflicting perspectives. Everything is constantly changing and evolving.


yes, once all the greedy and horrid "leaders" in charge of coutries are out of the government


Conflict is instinctually human; built in. History always repeats itself, and unfortunately, power hungry, greedy 'leaders' will always find a way to rise. I believe in free religious expression for the most part, and unfortunately conflicting religions will often end war.


Though war should never be inflicted on a country or individuals, conflict will exist regardless of the type of leaders, thus resulting in miscommunication and the unfortunate possibility of war.


I believe it is human instinct and essence to have conflict, although the nature of war will change greatly.


as society has progressed, we have seen that war tends to bring no benefits for the masses. namely, it is only the rich and wealthyy that hold control over the common class that benefits from war.
hopefully in the future as technology progresses and cooperation between nations is more and more needed, war becomes obsolete as it would only hinder the progression of our society.


No. War has existed from the beginning of time and is inherent in our nature. Achieving world peace means for everyone to share the same aspirations and that is unfortunately not possible.


it is very upsetting but i do unfortunately believe we as a society will never completely get rid of war.


No, some people will always desire more power and control

 @9K7XB6QOne Nationagreed…3mos3MO

It is within human nature to want to compete. The existence of our sentience as humans means we have free will to decide on actions, decisions or thoughts. Due to this, variation of actions, decisions or thoughts can create disagreement. There will always be people who may be more aggressive and thus more competitive over resources or for certain goals. A world where war is obsolete is one where humanity acts as a complete monolith with no difference of thought or physical attributes and biological drives, which will never naturally happen.

 @9K68M4KLiberal answered…3mos3MO

No, we will not. The human race will always want to fight to gain what they want.


World leaders will always have a need to grow economically and strategically in order to maintain power and leadership. Land that has strategic value will always be causation for war, for example the suez canal, which is a perfect trade route used to export oil to the western world. Diverse religious teachings are also cause for the continuation of war. As highlighted in the palestine-israeli conflict, in which both parties view the same territory as their rightful land and despite numerous attempts at peace negotiation the war continues.


I wish it would, but knowing the political beliefs of other countries and how they differ, I don't think it'll change any time soon.


Yeah well war is always going to exist because as long as humans exist there will be difference of opinions and instead of pursuing genuine peaceful settlements "world leaders'" egos will get in the way of them thinking straight and they will end up trying to establish their dominance rather than find common ground


Mankind will never know peace until humanity is reduced to one or fewer - Erwin Smith

  @JoshLP1997Australian Democratsanswered…5mos5MO

I hope that we do, but the Nihilist in me knows it is impossible, and we are simply fortunate to live in a time that another major war hasn't started.


Although anti-war would be ideal to achieve, I believe wars will continue to exist.


I hope we do put the nihilist in me knows we would never reach that point


Absolutely not, war is inevitable, and peace is only temporary. If history has taught us anything, that is the expected cycle.

 @9HSK65S from Guam answered…5mos5MO

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Maybe at some point but for now, the world is still in a state of mind where war is still an option, although I would still like to advocate the fact that the world is at a point where war is hard to actually commit to which I think is a rather unpredictable state of the world which is scary to an extent.

 @935CG4PLiberal Democrat answered…6mos6MO

War is important, without it we would have to power to creat change and overthrow governments.

 @9HM45KKfrom North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

No. Because there is always a new man-made conflict to confront around the corner.


I hope so, but I doubt it. War is not something that should be how ever present it is today, war leads to the death of innocent civilians and is a tragedy. Unless recklessly provoked by malicious acts that attempt to negate the physical security of a nation, war is unnecessary. You would hope that the well-educated leaders of nations would be able to work their problems out diplomatically (like adults) but unfortunately war is mostly inevitable but that is why rules and regulations for warfare need to be strengthened including the consequences for not following international law.

 @9HK9YD6 answered…6mos6MO

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No, I think that humans have a instinct to defend, retaliate and gain more for the advantage of their people and economic growth. Even though it is suggested by those who proffesional in the workings of economic and civilization growth.


Unfortunately I don't think we will ever reach that point, although we should be striving to. With rapidly advancing technology, increasing geopolitical tension, and abuses of power, it is unlikely.


In an ideal world, I would love the human race and the civilised world and society to reach a point where war is obsolete. But I’m a realistic world, war has been going on since the beginning of time and the human race and unfortunately I think conflict and war will be a lingering issue and problem as the human race and civilised society continue to evolve


No, conflict is an inherent aspect of human nature and so long as those in power are given the means, they will likely enact war until the means are removed.


No. Unless human beings all have the same mind/thought process, as disagreements are inevitable. Whether we get rid of weapons or the manpower used to fight wars, people will always find a way.


I don't think the human race will ever reach a point where there are no wars due to differing views, wants and cultures.


Only if there reaches a point where the human race doesn't exist anymore.


No, there are too many stupid people and too many awful people in power, even good people in power can be corrupted by their power.


No, I think that war will always be something humans face mostly because it is in our nature to be different and diverse.


I dont think people will ever reach a point where war is obsolete, there's always people who don't care about how their actions effect others and thirst for power


While I'd like to be optimistic about war being obsolete, especially in the context of decreased global conflicts over the past few decades, War is an unavoidable outcome of the nation state model and as the human race technologically progresses humanity continually finds ways to increase the scale of warfare.



As much as I would love to have total faith and hope in the human race that we could come together in peace and harmony, I think that is an idealistic view of the world and don't think it is possible with the continuous conflict between countries and world leaders who refuse to expand their minds and change their archaic ways.




No. It's too profitable and is used strategically to enhance the position of global superpowers such as the USA.


No because of the amount of conflicting ideologies, beliefs and religions.

 @9K6LHDTLabor answered…3mos3MO

No. I believe that it is human nature to fight for power and what governments believe are the 'best interests' of citizens. Corruption will always be present and therefore war is inevitable. However, greater efforts for global cooperation and peace between nations will reduce the frequency and scale of war.


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