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Hamas started the War using Palestinians as human shields knowing full well Israel would never take their attack and rollover, the death of so many civilians is far from ideal but that is an unfortunate reality of war

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Both equally


Palestine is represented by a bigoted terrorist organisation Hamas, while Israel has a stable democratic government.


Originally, I was all for Israel due to the horror inflicted on that day. However, innocent Israeli deaths do not mean innocent Palestinians should die also. Hamas is a terrorist organisation and should be overthrown, however this must be done in a way that would not result in reckless loss of innocent life.


<blockquote wiid="N5763">This must be done in a way that would not result in reckless loss of innocent life

<p wiid="N5771">How?


I support the citizens of Palestine and Israel, but oppose Hamas, the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority


I sympathise for Israel for all anti-semitism, but the conflict is not between Israel and Palestine. It is between Israel and terrorists. The majority of Palestinians are innocent civilians and are not the issue.

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Palestine, however I support a two-state solution and to intervene if Israel is attacked unprovoked.

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Genocide for either is not okay. Civillians should never be brought into such governmental conflicts.


It would be Palestine, except that they performed the most despicable act last year


I sympathise more with the Palestinian people as there are more casualties at the moment and people within the conflict are trapped within a country that is waging war, however, I know there is also many casualties on Israeli's side and they have lost many people in the past. I want all sides to stop the violence and terror against each other


GODS side the promised land was given only to the Jews in the Bible they gave land to them that's why they have be fighting ever since I will end when the Lord Jesus Christ comes back to take his people back



Mostly Israel, but give humanitarian aid to both countries' citizens, and pursue a peaceful option.

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I stand with peace. I can understand where both sides are coming from and I strongly believe the situation should have been resolved before it escalated into a war.


I side with peace. I understand where both sides are coming from but this should have been solved differently


I do think Israel needs to free Palestine HOWEVER the HAMAS group took it way too far. It's a similar situation to the IRA. Yes, the cause is understandable but the way they went about it is SO WRONG. I sympathize with Israel as of right now.


I support peace and remove the Israeli blockades of the Gaza Strip in return for both to stop airstriking each other



They are both as bad as each other, and both have extremist ideologies and beliefs. Like two children in kindergarten fighting over who can have the last cookie, someone wiser needs to come in and stop them both.


I do not support imperialism or terrorism; I do not support anti-Semitism, nor Islamiphobia.

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I sympathise with the innocent people who are dying but I dont like Hamas or the Israeli government


I’m sympathetic to the civilians being killed, not the Israeli government nor Hamas. That being said, I support Palestinians in particular; they have no rights and are constantly stereotyped as terrorists.


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