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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...1yr

Yes, and create more social programs to provide free food, clothing, and medicine

@987BL56 answered…1 day

This question is too black and white and should be reworked. They shouldn’t be allowed to camp anywhere they please but safe and gently policed areas should be allocated. In reality, the existence of so many homeless people is a disturbing demonstration of how our system fails so many.

@9852Z7D answered…5 days

Yes, but only if they are a disturbance. Eg. in the middle of a crosswalk or big part of public property

@98527SL answered…5 days

Make sure they get a job or are trained for a job so they can actually be productive and not rely on 'free' stuff or use public space.

@982RV3Q answered…1wk

No, but they should be given warnings and after a certain amount then they will be slightly punished with community service

@97ZWLXCLiberal answered…1wk

Yes, only if they do not damage the property and do not create harm to the public

@97ZKM6JLabor answered…2wks

Depends on their background and reasoning behind being homeless, and whether they are capable (health wise) to apply for jobs to sustain themselves.

@97ZFSYY answered…2wks

No but there should be a review of the standards of shelter and support provided

@97ZBYCPGreen answered…2wks

Address the problem of why people are refusing shelters and solve that I.e increased safety, comfortability etc.

@97YYJN7Liberal answered…2wks

Not if they’ve refused, if they do not have that option of housing or or shelter than yes they should be allowed as what other option do they have.

@97YNNPM answered…2wks

They should be able to have somewhere to stay but they should not be on other peoples property

@97Y77Q3Green answered…2wks

yes and no, they can’t just sleep anywhere but i do believe we need to add more support for them

@97XR6XGLabor answered…2wks

Mitigation factors should be considered when asking this question. Homelessness is not black and white and you cannot assume someone's reasons or story.

@97XP8N3 answered…2wks

This is an issue that should be addressed as there are way too many homeless people in Australia we should be ashamed of ourselves.

@97VFJQ3from California  answered…3wks

@97QRPG7 answered…3wks

@97N26XN answered…4wks

no but they will be a place we're the homeless can safety sleep and get a job

@979XN3Ffrom New York  answered…4wks

@97L8D72Pirate Party answered…4wks

Yes, until homeless shelters are made more accommodating to homeless individuals who don't have existing mental health or addiction problems and just want jobs

@9787ZYQLabor answered…1mo

They should be offered sustainable tent living in a natural environment where they can hunt and forage for their own survival needs, each hobo should be given a spear and hammer, to defend themselves from other homeless people

@973K7VH answered…1mo

Only on certain areas, such as parks but not near children's areas or government property.

@96RVWTL answered…1mo

@96KQRRP answered…2mos

give em homes and turn them into slaves/soldiers/test subjects/lab rats

@96JKSL7Labor answered…2mos

@96JJPYYLabor answered…2mos

if they choose to stay out in he open and refuse help, they have every right to do as they please as long as they dont break the law

@96HTVY3 answered…2mos

Give them a fine and create more social programs to provide free food, drinks, clothing, medicine, money and shelter

@96GWYCRGreen answered…2mos

Yes, yet if disturbing or harming others, must be escorted off the public property.

@96FWD8W answered…2mos

the property is public so I believe they do have access to it, however, if they have refused available homes than they may get in trouble

@96835CD answered…2mos

no, it is their own choice to refuse a free place to sleep and sleeping on public property may create environment more corrupt for the environment

@965XNXH answered…2mos

I highly doubt homeless people would be refusing shelter or housing and opting for legal trouble in a public area for no reason. Any time this occurs would be more likely due to bad conditions or abuse within the housing option. We need improvement in support systems in place for the homeless.

@965VQK2 answered…2mos

Only in certain places, not in food shops or transport infrastructure, but parks and the like yes

@964VVWY answered…2mos

It's up to the relevent government to make sure suitable accommodation is available. Where it is homeless people should take it. Where it is not the systems should be improved. Encampments are not suitable accommodation

@963S5JT answered…2mos

No, and create more social programs to provide free housing, food, clothing and medicine

@95LFW4N answered…3mos

if they refused it its their fault and dont deserve public property.

@95GYQCG answered…3mos

No, the government should provide shelter for homeless individuals so they don't use other's property.

@957VSQ4Green answered…3mos

no, they should help them become not homeless by giving them job and healing them of their problems


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