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@9ZD3PTFReason answered…2wks

Social and community programs should be expanded in conjunction with local police depts

@9XQZNZZArts Party answered…3mos

No, but social and community based programs should still be encouraged

@9X7JTX8Labor answered…4mos

No, however critical race theory should be taught, police should be held to higher standards and higher consequences. Regardless, social and community based programs should have increased budget.

@9X695M6Green answered…4mos

No, the police should have more training around ethical decision making and diversity, as well as how to work with high-risk, vulnerable people in our communities.

@9YPJKPVGreen answered…2mos

I really don’t care if it does not affect me in the moment.

@9YG78T6Labor answered…2mos

@9XXVBMLScience answered…3mos

If a town has a low crime rate then funding should be decreased, however if a town has a high crime rate then no it should not be redirected.

@9XTJR9NSocialist Alliance answered…3mos

No, more funding should be put into psychology courses and the proper handling of certain situations, especially surrounding those involving the mentally ill. And increase the strictness of who is qualified to be a police officer.

@9SZM7FTGreen answered…10mos

It should be looked at case by case and social and community based programs should also be supported by taxes from the rich

@9ZJCGT7Green answered…4 days

Social and community based programs should receive more funding, but not at the cost of the police.

@9ZHSP3BGreen answered…5 days

I think they both should be supported to allow citizens to decide for themselves where they'd like to go to seek help

@9ZFTZGLGreen answered…1wk

@9ZD5DMFScience answered…2wks

No, fund the police and properly fund social and community based programs

@9ZB25DSLabor answered…2wks

Increase both funding for police so they are not so overworked and overwhelmed and increase funding for other community based responders to work in conjuntion with the police.

@9Z7BM22Green answered…3wks

They should work alongside social and community based programs.

No, but take large sums from police pensions for poorly-acting officers

@9Z4ZQYVAnimal Justice answered…1mo

Better training for police and more funding for community/ social programs in disadvantaged communities

@9Z4DTBNGreen answered…1mo

No, but funding should be increased for social and community programs to help deter and reduce crime

@9Z2PL44Green answered…1mo

More funding should be directed to social and community-based programs but also more funding and training should be directed to police departments in higher crime rate communities.

@9Z24TL2Pirate Party answered…1mo

Police are a crucial part of society, fund for these programs should be taken from elsewhere

Government spending on police should be reduced without increasing anything.

@9YYBFDQScience answered…1mo

Funds for both should be equal and adequate to fit the needs of both organisations

@9YVK4TROne Nation answered…2mos

Yes, but only in areas with higher crime rates as increased police presence does not resolve social issues which lead to crime

@9YV2XLSLabor answered…2mos

Funding should always be assessed for best results. Legalising drugs would free up a lot of resources, empty a lot prison beds, neutralise organised crime, the list of positives goes on. Until this is done nothing of substance is done in this area.

@9YTZSV9Labor answered…2mos

Yes but increased funding in high crime areas to police stations

@9YSDHHTGreen answered…2mos

@9YPTKNJLabor answered…2mos

No, there should be an increased fundings for both local police departments and the social & community based programs

@9YPQ6QYGreen answered…2mos

This concept should be tested first and if it works, then some funding should be redirected.

@9YPBBVCGreen answered…2mos

Police education/training needs to be improved - needs to be a more productive use of funding

@9YNZ3Q4Independent answered…2mos

No, Increase funding and training for police departments in higher crime rate communities as suggested as well as having more 24 hourly manned stations in rural areas.

@9YNYMR7Science answered…2mos

Further funding should be allocated to community based programs, however this should not take the place of the police forece

@9YMBQVQIndependent answered…2mos

Increase funding but don’t take it away from police resources

I want to say no, increase funding and training for police but it wouldn’t help when they’re all pedophiles anyway. Training is not the issue.

@9YHDCGZLiberal answered…2mos

It is just as essential for local police departments to receive funding as it is for social and community based programs to receive funding. Instead of redirecting money, the funding of both organizations should be equal as they have equal importance.

@9YDDMWZLabor answered…2mos

No, but funding to social and community based programs should increase

@9Y6SY4BGreen answered…3mos

No, but make it compulsory to complete a full university degree to be able to become a police office, please look at the Nordic countries and their police education.

@9Y5J3GKLabor answered…3mos

@9Y5J3C2Labor answered…3mos

Yes, but keep police departments in high crime rate communities

@9Y5969FLiberal answered…3mos

Some of the funding although I do think some of the fundings should go into common it based programs

@9XVYVMKGreen answered…3mos

Increase funding and non lethal equipment as well as making martial arts compulsory, as well as reviewing policies and holding them accountable for there actions

@9XT7ZBZGreen answered…3mos

No, but use funding to reinforce the ideals of community safety instead and removing corruption from the force.

@9XT6L99Labor answered…3mos

Keep it the same, as both local police departments and community based programs are important for Australia to be at its best.


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