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@9YMFTZSLiberal answered…2mos

@9XNDQLJGreen answered…3mos

depending on the crime for example cyber-crime is still a major offence to society and if released from jail whose to say non-violent prisoners won't affect Australia later on.

@9XKJ4Q8Green answered…3mos

Yes, but put them in mandatory education classes, dependent on what their crime was. Otherwise, mandatory community services.

@9XB3TPRLabor answered…4mos

Yes but they must be given rehabilitation to reduce risk of reoffending

@9X3ND5TScience answered…4mos

I think it depends on what type of crime the prisoner has committed, how much of a threat they will be to society. Should be reviewed on a case by case situation.

@9MLXRJ2Reason answered…1yr

Yes but only after serving an appropriate amount of time and have been reformed

@9LKJM3LSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

Depending on the circumstances, mostly yes, and they should also increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners, and after undergoing a psychiatric review should be released

@9HLJ723Green answered…1yr

Yes, and release all non violent prisoners and some violent prisoners and provide them with support for getting a job etc.

@9ZD8N8QLabor answered…2wks

Yes however situational, but regardless we should increase funding to offer education and rehabilitation services for prisoners

@9Z5MTKXLabor answered…4wks

Yes, but place them under house arrest or have them perform community service until they serve their sentence.

@9Z4DTBNGreen answered…1mo

Yes, but they must perform community service and undertake education and skill building on a daily basis.

@9YTYQ5WSocialist Alliance answered…2mos

as long as their crimes didn’t put other people in harm, they should be allow d to go under probation for a while.

@9YTWG4CNick Xenophon Team answered…2mos

Yes, but ensuring safe social exit - we should increase funding to offer education and skill building services for prisoners

@9YTBDXWAnimal Justice answered…2mos

it really depends on the crime maybe sentences could be shortened

@9YT4ZYTDemocratic Labour answered…2mos

Yes, as long as the punishment fits the crime, they do community service and they don't offend again.

@9YSFYPHOne Nation answered…2mos

@9YS9BKCGreen answered…2mos

Yes, but the justice system needs to change to prevent future overcrowding and needless incarceration

@9YRLX78Socialist Alliance answered…2mos

Yes, but they must perform community service until the end of their original sentencing & help must be provided to rehabilitate.

@9YPSTCCLabor answered…2mos

I believe that if they are non-violent and have served their time in prison we should offer better education and skill building resources for prisoners to make it easier for them to get jobs afterwards so that they do not go back to being a criminal.

@9YPRG5ZSocialist Alliance answered…2mos

It doesn't actually matter if their non-violent it matters on their crime. for instance if they robbed somewhere to feed their family then yes if they robbed the museum or the bank then no

@9YPR6BSGreen answered…2mos

No, but we should categories them into a more peaceful part of the prison

@9YPQZZ2Green answered…2mos

Yes, but provide compulsory rehabilitative assistance to aid their transition back into the community for a reduction in re-offending

@9YPQ6QYGreen answered…2mos

Non violent prisoners should have a reduced sentence. Also, there should be more education and skill building for prisoners.

@9YNNZW6Green answered…2mos

Yes, but we should also provide education for recovery and prisoner reformation.

@9YMTLHJOne Nation answered…2mos

Yes but they must be continually monitored (tracked) until their allocated time is up.

@9YKHMF5Health Australia answered…2mos

Yes but must perform necessary acts such as community service and mandatory therapy until proven they're in a better state.

@9YDKR54Green answered…2mos

Yes, depending on the crimes, and for different reasons. Make rehabilitation programs that are less constricting and have them monitored and perform community service.

@9YDDMWZLabor answered…2mos

Yes, but they must be required to partake in reconstitution programs

@9YCMSCYReason answered…2mos

Yes, with regular parole check ins. More funding should be provided to educate and skill build in prison

@9Y5L88NGreen answered…3mos

Yes but supported to rehabilitate and integrate Also I wan more definition around non-violent

@9Y34VR4Liberal answered…3mos

Only prisoners who are in there for stupid things like, possession of marijuana or not paying fines

@9XZPR5CLabor answered…3mos

Place them under house arrest until they complete their sentence. Also, provide education and skill-building programs and services to reduce re offending

@9XZP94TGreen answered…3mos

@9XWQYV4Green answered…3mos

Yes, and we should focus on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment.

they should have to fill out the rest of their sentence through community service. and serving for country.

@9XT6L99Labor answered…3mos

Instead of prison, make more rehabilitation centres, so the "captive people" can easily integrate back into society once they serve their sentence.

@9XS7K9VLabor answered…3mos

depeneds on what their crime was and if they are violent or not

@9XS3SWSGreen answered…3mos

Yes, if they have participated in some form of rehabilitation activity (eg education or training etc) while in jail

@9XR5TJCLiberal answered…3mos

yes, but only for crimes that are small (not rapists,murderers,etc)

@9XNY7V3Green answered…3mos

Yes, and we should increase the funding to offer prisoners education and skill building support


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