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@62FM4Z4Liberalfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

Mothers should get their income tax refunded for the previous 9 months. Easy to adminster and scales to salary

The payment should increase based on wage and circumstance, and it should apply to anyone who leaves work to care for a child. E.g. parents, guardians, caregivers, single parents, adoptive parents.

@9ZJXCYWArts Party answered…2 days

no government to provide a liveable payment the employer will pay the rest

@9ZB25DSLabor answered…2wks

parental leave payments should be equal for all genders, doesnt neccessarily need to be increased.

@Faci_IILiberal answered…10mos

The company should pay for the parental leave at a percentage between 75-100% of their salary. Especially if they have been with the company for years and are working full time.

@9SDXVKTGreen answered…11mos

Yes, women who are working in higher paid jobs have contributed higher taxes therefore they should benefit from a higher parental leave amount.

@9ZHVLTVScience answered…4 days

No, all mothers and fathers should get paid the same amount.

@9YM5JQWGreen answered…2mos

It should be based on primary carer this is not always the mother

@9YKHMF5Health Australia answered…2mos

Yes, and parental leave payments should be applied to fathers too.

@9X9WT5YGreen answered…4mos

Yes, and also father's who are on parental leave should receive the same

@Sam5924Socialist Alliance answered…7mos

Parental leave should be standard for all parents, not just mothers.

@9VCBTK9Labor answered…7mos

Yes but increase it based on the primary carer's wage or salary regardless of gender.

@9TZ5DX8Liberal answered…8mos

Yes and make it easier for men to get parental leave payment

@9RHT9NQGreen answered…1yr

Paid parental leave should be available to all parents, and ought to be proportional to the wages earned. Measures should be in place to encourage both parents to take leave, as has been trialed in Scandinavian countries.

@9RGD3LFLabor answered…1yr

@9JVSW8SReason answered…1yr

@9MN7HBDPirate Party answered…1yr

Yes because they are contributing more to the community through taxes. If it’s not percentage based, then everyone should pay the same taxes and not have that being percentage based.

@9GB64FVReason answered…1yr

No, government maternal leave payments should be equal for all women regardless. (Some companies already provide additional maternal leave payments to retain female staff.)


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