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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Yes, as long as they pass the same background checks as straight couples

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

No, and I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@5F25M2G answered…2yrs

Yes, but adoption laws should be harmonized with access to IVF for gay and straight couples, so that lesbian couples must meet the same requirements for using IVF as gay men for adoption.

@95ZWDH2Liberal answered…4mos

This isn't that relevant in Australia as only a small number of additions occur. What we need is to legalise surrogacy.

@93H73HG answered…8mos

a stable and loving hetero couple is ideal due to different gender roles but a stable and loving gay couple is always prioritised over an unstable foster system

@93GYDP8Green answered…8mos

A stable and loving heterosexual family is ideal due to different gender roles, but a stable and loving homosexual family is better than an unstable foster home.

@9353BBF answered…9mos

In child adoption, when all other suitability factors remain equal between candidates, preference should be given to heterosexual couples, but not at the expense of a child to be adopted, into a loving home.

@934NDGJ answered…9mos

Yes, but I do personally believe mother and father families are better and more stable for a growing and stable social economy. Adoption agencies should prioritise mother and father families first.

@92ZK8V6 answered…9mos

Yes, Having a home is better than being in Foster care but I believe it is better to be in a house with a mum and dad.

@92PZH8NLiberal answered…9mos

@92J8K78 answered…10mos

I believe LGBT couples should get adoption priority. Straight couples can wait their turn since the system is a big failure.

@92FJLQK answered…10mos

Yes however adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples

@92D4TL9 answered…10mos

I say NO . I am a Christian and I know God loves EVERYONE....including babies why don't we start a program that woman who are going to abort have an opportunity to save their child and give him/her to the Gay couple who will love the child as their own.

This will then stop mental health issues with the mother who has regret in the future for killing her child. It will stop the murders of beautiful children who are alive in the womb and it will give Gay Couples the greatest gift of a child to bring up as their seems to be a Win Win for all involved.
The Mother would not have murdered the child . Maybe she should also be paid to give birth to the child by the Adoptive parents to be $10,000.
Lets not feel for the woman who is pregnant most of the time it is bc she chose to have sex...Lets be honest. Let be PRO LIFE.

@92D22DD answered…10mos

only if they have a direct blood relationship with the child being adopted

@92CG72M answered…10mos

No, if it comes down to an infertile straight couple trying to adopt, the infertile straight couple should be prioritised. If both straight and gay couples are trying to adopt out of choice, it should then be the same.

@925ZX6J answered…10mos

No, and I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child in most cases

@8ZRYMDH answered…11mos

Adoption is about the rights of a child to have two parents. Not about the rights of the adults

@8ZRG2TDOne Nation answered…11mos

Yes but only if it can be shown that children have positive opposite-sex role models closely involved with the upbringing. Some sociological traits are passed down through the different genders and both are required for healthy mood regulation

@8ZNMFJYLabor answered…11mos

if they got raped then they should be able to abort, if not then they should not be able to

@8ZMKN9W answered…11mos

@8ZKYX3ROne Nation answered…11mos

No, a child has the right to both a mother and a father, while not always an option, it is the ideal.

@8Z9RVDRLabor answered…12mos

Depends, if a gay couple is more safe and loving than another straight couple then yes.

@8Z8B9C8Labor answered…12mos

I think it honestly just depends on if the parents are good people and will raise the child to be a kind and compassionate person, not on the gender or sexual orientation of the parents

@8YRFBJBLabor answered…1yr

It depends on the case. If the child is that young they are not able to make a choice then it should not matter whether or not it is a same sex or different sex couple adopting. If the child is able to make a choice, and chooses that they want a heterosexual couple raising them instead of a homosexual one, then that should be respected and given. Whatever the child wants, and is best for the child should be done.

 Deleted answered…1yr

God created man to marry a woman and Homosexuals are an abomination to him

@8XNRSBBLabor answered…1yr

Yes, not allowing gay couples to adopt is discriminatory and everyone should have the ability to adopt a child.

@8XNQF4Y answered…1yr

Of course! its not like they have a choice! if they want kids they cant just make or summon one. I dont think kidnapping is right either

@8WXVD3SLiberal answered…1yr

Only if the child is at the age where they can decide if they want a gay set of parents.

@8WXVBCNLiberal answered…1yr

As long as the child that is being adopted is okay to have gay parents then that is fine.


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