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@6G36N3HLabor answered…1yr

Yes, but adoption laws should be harmonized with access to IVF for gay and straight couples, so that lesbian couples must meet the same requirements for using IVF as gay men for adoption.

@9Q2KPV7Health Australia answered…1yr

they should only be allowed to adopt other gay people to get them out of our homes

@9LB93G2Liberal Democrat answered…1yr

Yes but, I believe a mother and father family structure is best for the child No, and adoption agencies should prioritize offering children to straight couples before offering to gay couples.

@9JPRG32One Nation answered…1yr

No and It should be taken into consideration the toll it may take on the child. Bullying and those questions of why they had two mums or two dads

@9VL3VN4Science answered…6mos

I support it, but I would be interested to know the influential and psycholigcal impact it may have on a childs development

@9TMGF97Science answered…9mos

The best interests of the child must always be the decisive factor

only if they like the environment, cause if they don't they might as well go to jail

@9LZYPZJScience answered…1yr

Very difficult to answer at this point in time, I assume the world will continue to progress towards this - ideally the children would be of an age where they could make a decision

@broad3One Nation answered…2wks

God created man to marry a woman and Homosexuals are an abomination to him

@9YPSTCCLabor answered…2mos

Yes, not allowing gay couples to adopt is discriminatory and everyone should have the ability to adopt a child.

@9YPRG5ZSocialist Alliance answered…2mos

Of course! its not like they have a choice! if they want kids they cant just make or summon one. I dont think kidnapping is right either

@9XYWF4TLiberal answered…3mos

Only if the child is at the age where they can decide if they want a gay set of parents.

@9XYWCDPLiberal answered…3mos

As long as the child that is being adopted is okay to have gay parents then that is fine.

 Deleted answered…3mos

@9XNX6RMGreen answered…3mos

Yes and no but it comes down to if the kids are ok with it.

@9XD4KV9Liberal answered…4mos

Only if the birth parents have agreed for the adoption of their baby to gay couples.

@9XBX6H2Labor answered…4mos

Q3, but keep in mind that children often need a mother and father figure and lacking one can result in potential mental health issues, a troubled experience of childhood, and i'm going to go out on a limb here and say the chances of a child with same-sex parents being bullied in school is way higher for multiple factors.

@9VL9FHXNationals answered…6mos

Depends on the preferences given by the mother or father who places the child for adoption.

@9TW3L2VNationals answered…8mos

yes i believe same sex couples should have the same rights as long as the child has the influence of the other gender as a role model in some form (Aunty or Uncle, Grandma or Grandpa)

@9W4HP3HLiberal answered…5mos

yes, but adoption agencies should prioritise offering children to straight couples before gay couples

@9PTJX6TConservatives answered…1yr

Yes, but I would always try and get a straight couple where possible as I believe it is better for that child and their mental health in the long run.

@9NFTJ9WOne Nation answered…1yr

Yes, as long as they have a mother/father figure ready for proper child development

@9NFRF5KLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

Yes, but its not the government's prerogative to dictate who can and can't adopt based on sexual orientation.

@9VCK8QMScience answered…7mos

yall are so mcf rude god damn deese mfs onlky wanbna be happy

@9V2HJJFReason answered…8mos

Yes, although I believe a mother and father family structure is preferable.

@9SNL6PWOne Nation answered…10mos

@9SKPG3RConservative answered…11mos

The healthiest children physically and psychologically have male and female role models. As such, non-straight individuals should be allowed to adopt if they can demonstrate reliable role models will be made available to the child of the opposing sex otherwise priority should go to straight couples who meet the same adoption criteria. If there are not male and female role models available then non-straight couples should be allowed to adopt, rather than leaving the children in the system.

@9RPKV4GIndependent answered…12mos

I think yes but they need to be able to have a stable and loving environment for the child to grow up. Like straight couples you need to be able to provide for a child.


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