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@5XNFRMTGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

Re-jig to improve sex education in government schools, that applies to all students, and include material that educates on the need for tolerance for the LGBT community .

@5ZR3CJXGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

@5Y6YFMJGreenfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

People should reach adulthood before they are encouraged to pick a Gender while they are still impressionable.

@62QSTCJLiberalfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

The Safe Schools programme should be modified to be less overtly LGBLT..

@62C33YNLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

Teach acceptance of people, change the curriculum to be inclusive. Teach safe sex regardless of where you stick it, or where you take it.

@64538LCDemocratic Labourfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

Safe schools should cover all forms of discrimination, body-ist, racist, etc as well as sexual choice. The information of sexual choice is also inaccurate overstating some cases 3 out of 4 transgender children grow out of it. Safe schools also encourages presently illegal behaviour and seeks to redefine 'normal'

@62R9W7LLiberal Democratfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

No, that money should be used to fund health services as gay/trans/etc are a mental health issue.

@62B3PKMNationalsfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

No need to promote it. They either are or are not. They don't promote heterosexualness, so why homosexualness?

@637JL6GGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Education and awareness are the keys to a successful life; however, just limiting education to freedom of gender orientation is limiting; as limiting as religious/feminist schools etc. Positive discrimination is as devisive as negative!

@637DVVYLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

@5XZH4W9Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…1yr

No, I think we should be taught to accept other people and there difference whether its religion, race, gender and who they are attracted but we don't need a safe schools coalition to achieve this as this should be taught at home or school.

@5Y7RJRXLiberal Democratfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

Segregating children based on sexual preference is not going to solve the problem. Neither will protecting them from bullying. They need to be taught how to defend themselves, because no bully cares who or what you are, they only care about how to hurt you.

@63HVPCHLaborfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

Yes, but address the wider issue of bullying instead of segregating sexual bullying

@68WPXKTGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

Also Parents and tougher consequences. Better Parental control over children, not those stupid laws we got.

@9WJ5GGMLabor answered…4mos

Yes, however the curriculum should be revised to make sure the content is appropriate to the childrens age.

@9Z6W3G4Socialist Alliance answered…3wks

Yes, but it should consider the age appropriateness of the content

@9Z23MS3Independent answered…1mo

I don’t think Kids should learn about sex until secondary school

@9YTC2BSReason answered…2mos

I believe in making every child feel accepted and loved regardless of their race, gender, appearance, sexual preference. But I do not believe it’s a schools responsibility to educate 7 year olds on sexual preference and gender issues beyond a fostering of love and tolerance.

@9YNDVZQLabor answered…2mos

@9YMFHX9Health Australia answered…2mos

I agree with proper sexual education for young people in our schools.
For example providing them with the necessary information and resources.
Eg. STI's are preventable and treatable and to not be ashamed of it, cause it happens.
Access to vital information at the proper ages.
I do not agree with the thought of getting 7 year olds to roll play that they are attracted to the same sex. I believe that type of education could be done in a better manner.

@9YG6QZJOne Nation answered…2mos

Should not be taught at all it is up to the parents to teach them not the government

@9Y5J3C2Labor answered…3mos

@9XYXM4GLabor answered…3mos

i think we should educate children from a young age about same-sex couples, but things like chest-binding are un-needed (especially in kindergarten and to about year 4) since children dont go through puberty until 8 years old at the youngest.

i dont mind and kids wont care if they teach stuff like that to kindergardeners.

@9XS9PVYLiberal answered…3mos

Funding should be limited to high school and additionally not be required in any school.

@9XRDV5TGreen answered…3mos

Have teachers be educated in how to answer questions about both sexual healths but not go out of their way unless asked or there is a comparison for health reasons.

@9XNRVZFNationals answered…3mos

@9X4B2QTReason answered…4mos

As long as they are only given understanding on various sexual orientation

@9X3DTXCUnited Australia answered…4mos

The focus shouldn't be on teaching kids to imagine they are attracted to something and rather promote acceptance and diversity so these things aren't an issue. Education curriculum has enough issues

@9WGTX33Liberal answered…4mos

if funding is not more than what the standard student receives

@9W8WVQQLabor answered…5mos

Yes, but they should be introduced with other Safe Sex programs in Year 7 (as it is, it's introduced to children at too young of an age)

@9W37LG6Liberal answered…5mos

Yes, but regulate the curriculum and the age bracket; secondary school.

@9VDLRKHIndependent answered…7mos

There is no need to teach children in school about gender and sexuality. Gender and sexual orientation is something they can figure out as they get older. Unless the child is actually asking questions about it, if the teacher has adequate and scientific knowledge on the issue, then they should be able to respond. Otherwise, seek a specialists help.

@9TKFVJ4Reason answered…9mos

Yes but do not include stuff that may be too inappropriate.

@9SNP89VReason answered…10mos

@9SMWZ8HLabor answered…10mos

Yes, but should include other areas of diversity such as religion and race.


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