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@4ZPRSBHLiberalfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

The Safe Schools programme should be modified to be less overtly LGBLT..

@4ZQ8V6Kfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

No, that money should be used to fund health services as gay/trans/etc are a mental health issue.

@4WMDQLSGreenfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

Re-jig to improve sex education in government schools, that applies to all students, and include material that educates on the need for tolerance for the LGBT community .

@4X5XDLHfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

People should reach adulthood before they are encouraged to pick a Gender while they are still impressionable.

@4Z92NJLNationalsfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

No need to promote it. They either are or are not. They don't promote heterosexualness, so why homosexualness?

@4ZB22XMfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Teach acceptance of people, change the curriculum to be inclusive. Teach safe sex regardless of where you stick it, or where you take it.

@53427KBfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

Safe schools should cover all forms of discrimination, body-ist, racist, etc as well as sexual choice. The information of sexual choice is also inaccurate overstating some cases 3 out of 4 transgender children grow out of it. Safe schools also encourages presently illegal behaviour and seeks to redefine 'normal'

@526CTTXLaborfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

@4WYG3V8Liberalfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

No, I think we should be taught to accept other people and there difference whether its religion, race, gender and who they are attracted but we don't need a safe schools coalition to achieve this as this should be taught at home or school.

@4X6QHQWLiberal Democratfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

Segregating children based on sexual preference is not going to solve the problem. Neither will protecting them from bullying. They need to be taught how to defend themselves, because no bully cares who or what you are, they only care about how to hurt you.

@52GTNBGLaborfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

Yes, but address the wider issue of bullying instead of segregating sexual bullying

@57VNWJSfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Also Parents and tougher consequences. Better Parental control over children, not those stupid laws we got.

@526HK5Ffrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

Education and awareness are the keys to a successful life; however, just limiting education to freedom of gender orientation is limiting; as limiting as religious/feminist schools etc. Positive discrimination is as devisive as negative!

@98XXFS8 answered…1wk

Children cannot be convicted of crime if too young to understand the consequences of actions. How can we then suggest that it is acceptable for unlimited freedom of choice from far younger ages?

@98JTMFCfrom Arizona  answered…1mo

@98CFCGW answered…2mos

Yes, but I believe the program should be changed to be more targeted specifically in primary schools.

@9875QC8 answered…2mos

Children don’t care about that kind of thing unless an adult has influenced them to think about it.

@986642C answered…2mos

No, any school that promotes the Safe Schools program should be shut down and all staff investigated for grooming

@97ZL8PM answered…2mos

Yes, with oversight to ensure it is not being inappropriate or overstepping its boundaries

@97S9483Green answered…3mos

no redirect money into regular schools to update curriculum to bring them all to the same page

@97S6HKN answered…3mos

It should be allowed, but in a way that would not confuse children by making them imagine they are attracted to others of the same sex, it could lead to confusion later on in life.

@97CGDDK answered…3mos

@96SXZHZ answered…4mos

As a student I would like NOT to be shoot but unlike America we have gun control

@96R985G answered…4mos

I think there should be an age cap in which gender ideology is taught as younger children don’t understand the ramifications of transitioning

@96J9M9M answered…4mos

safe schools should be more concerned about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. not the current "woke" status of inventing pro-nouns to suit your hipster convenience to try become an individual. In some cases with transgender, unless both with both born male and female genitalia. transitioning should be treated as body dysmorphia identified by teachers and treated by professional psychiatrists to maintain a healthy relationship with who you are and how you were born. not the current coddling we are now seeing in modern society

@96GVKQF answered…4mos

did you know, Betty Bought some Butter But the Butter was too Bitter, so she Bought some more Butter to make the Bitter Butter Better?

@96FVK5J answered…4mos

No, the Government should ban all mentions of sexual activity in Public Schools

@96FSNRQ answered…4mos

I say the government should should continue to fund but as soon as we notice negative impacts to stop funding the Coalition.

@96DW9XW answered…4mos

I feel that schools should be teaching safety in the first place. Needing some sort of group or program to push it forward doesnt make sense.

@967ZZPY answered…4mos

After reading information this still isn't clear to me / doesn't make sense.
A school environment, any school environment in this day and age should support the LGBT.. etc.
Being LGB is not a choice, it is not an illness, it is how someone's brain is wired. Just like a heterosexual. I have many homophobic family members they are entitled to their option. If they have a problem with who I am, Thats really their problem not mine.

@965WRGP answered…4mos

@9642LPSLiberal answered…4mos

Agree with still funding but teaching in secondary schools only when the students brains have developed more

@95S5PJY answered…5mos

Depends on what’s being taught and if it’s having a noticeable and positive impact if it’s causing more harm than good can it but we should definitely have strategies in place for gender and sexual diverse students at school.


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