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@MaheshkLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…1yr

Allow marriage but only if they have declared they are homosexuals at least 2-3 years prior in an official way.Also make it compulsory to declare homosexuality to prevent them getting in to a heterosexual relationship or prevent marrying a opposite sex.

@62J3W4ZGreenfrom Victoria  answered…1yr

We LGBT people are wasting our time and money on this issue. Marriage is the least way we are neglected by society when you consider wider problems that lead to our oppression. It won't talk us down from the rooftop.

@62V962GGreenfrom Queensland  answered…1yr

@62MNWTCGreenfrom South Australia  answered…1yr

Legalise same-sex marriage, and hold the Catholic church accountable for all of the child abuse cases. The hypocrisy is outstanding...

@9SKR868One Nation answered…11mos

I believe that you can love who you want and marry who you want. but I do not support the things that they follow.

@9RYYDKKLiberal answered…11mos

Let there be same sex couples but they should not be considered for marriage

@9TSCGJTGreen answered…9mos

personally I don't, but if others want to get married to the same sex the allow it.

@9MN4CZPDemocratic Labour answered…1yr

No, however I do believe they should be able to celebrate a union and have all of the same rights, give it another name

@9D9V7C3Family First answered…1yr

No, believing in gay rights is against our lord and savior, JESUS CHRIST

@9GYZ6WBOne Nation answered…1yr

Gay marriage is a tool to undermine Western Civilization with the destruction of the family unit.

@9MN6XDJPirate Party answered…1yr

Not exactly, but I respect same sex marriages just don't agree with them

@9ZC3QXJHealth Australia answered…2wks

Everyone no matter what gender should have the right to marry or not marry they should also be able to access centrelink as if there is domestic violence or health issues. They have the option to get out and not be hurt emotionally or physically

@9YNMPDCConservatives answered…2mos

@9Y4B35MNick Xenophon Team answered…3mos

it should just be legal they are people to. let them marry who they want

@9Z58RNCLiberal answered…4wks

@9VRYWDSOne Nation answered…6mos

Not at all,it's a very disgusting practice and should be outlawed in this country

@9VQFFHKCentre Alliance answered…6mos

Yes, But allow the change of the naming to be called a Union, not marriage, please

@9VPG2FCDemocratic Labour answered…6mos

As long as others' don't get pulled into it, then I'm fine.

@9VMTLVVGreen answered…6mos

Yes, love is love no matter what gender. It should be normalised and 100% legal.

@9VMT7JYLabor answered…6mos

me personally don't think so but if there happy that's all that maters

@9VL2B6SJustice answered…6mos

Its perfectly fine to like the same gender, but you dont need to inform the whole world about your sexuality.

@9VF3KPSArts Party answered…7mos

This question is no longer relevant and should be removed. it should be a yes for every one

@9V8CZ3DLiberal answered…8mos

No, but if they do then churches should be allowed to refuse

@9V4KFGRArts Party answered…8mos

No, & allow religious places of worship to refuse same sex ceremonies/marriages

@9V2SBG4Liberal answered…8mos

I don't support same sex marriage, however no one should try to prevent these people being with those they love

@9WD7LH5Independent answered…5mos

Yes and establish a joint parliamentary same sex and straight marriages joint committee

@9W5DSVHLabor answered…5mos

Yes, and it was dumb that we voted on whether or not people deserved the same rights as the rest of us.

@9VT7N83Liberal answered…5mos

yes but people should not be forcing these opinions on young children.

@9TCJHKMCentre Alliance answered…9mos

The LGBT community should have an opportunity to create a mechanism identical to marriage, but marriage has a homophobic history and is steeped in religion

@9TBKV8LDemocratic Labour answered…9mos

They can do their own thing but don’t try to enforce it upon people


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