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Take the government out of marriage and instead make it a religious decision

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@MaheshkLaborfrom Western Australia  answered…2yrs

Allow marriage but only if they have declared they are homosexuals at least 2-3 years prior in an official way.Also make it compulsory to declare homosexuality to prevent them getting in to a heterosexual relationship or prevent marrying a opposite sex.

@4ZH2V3YGreenfrom Victoria  answered…2yrs

We LGBT people are wasting our time and money on this issue. Marriage is the least way we are neglected by society when you consider wider problems that lead to our oppression. It won't talk us down from the rooftop.

@4ZT84ZFGreenfrom Queensland  answered…2yrs

@4ZLMVSBfrom South Australia  answered…2yrs

Legalise same-sex marriage, and hold the Catholic church accountable for all of the child abuse cases. The hypocrisy is outstanding...

@97Y58GW answered…3mos

i don’t really care about this topic because it doesn’t relate to me.

@96GW6XR answered…4mos

no so then i have an excuse as to why im single when my friends ask

@966W7S7 answered…4mos

its their choice it cant be controlled it should be their decision although a marriage is traditionally man and women and is in Christian belief that it shouldn't be allowed

@943499C answered…6mos

yes people can marry whoever and whatever its their own decision not anyone else's.

@936635F answered…9mos

YES! The government and any religion shouldn't even be involved with this matter and it should have never been illegal. It should be up to the individual and their decisions, not anyone else, not the government and not religion. It should have never been illegal.

@9353BBF answered…9mos

Yes; those in same sex relationships should maintain the right to both have their relationship legally recognised, and access to the supportive, and stable, family structure marriage provides.

@934YQRM answered…9mos

No, marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman. However be entitled to exactly the same rights. Change the word "marriage" to another word voted by the sam sex themselves

@934TVRY answered…9mos

The marriage between individuals is not something for others to vote on

@934J2B6 answered…9mos

Marriage shouldn’t be a thing.

There should be a law that says something like if you live together in a relationship with someone for 12 months then you legally bound together.
Who with who is up to the people and this law would apply to anybody.

@934554M answered…9mos

Yes, but provide marriage celebrants not based in religions so they don’t have to make them go against their beliefs

@933L7D3 answered…9mos

Yes and who cares what anyone is doing, us talking about this is wasting time and its a little offensive to others who choose to live differently to what we have considered to be normal.

@932XD8D answered…9mos

@92R63GN answered…9mos

Yes, it's just two people of the same gender who love each other, it's just like a straight marriage but same gender.

@92PZFT7 answered…9mos


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