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@9K2SW74Arts Party answered…1yr

Salary should be based off the best fit for the role, regardless of gender.

@9D8BK8XLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

they already do, as its illegal to pay women less for same job....

@9XYZZJFLabor answered…3mos

Yes, and this is already the case because the gender wage gap is a myth.

@9XLHQJRLiberal answered…3mos

Yes, however it depends whether the women is capable for the job in comparison to men

@9LNQ992Labor answered…1yr

Yes, but only if both equally qualify i.e same level of experience and education.. rather than based on gender specifically

@9J75J84Labor answered…1yr

They already do it would be illegal for companies to do that and if that was the case why aren’t they all hiring women

@9DPB3SQScience answered…1yr

People should have the right to earn at least $25 per hour and the hard working the more you deserve, less hard working is $25 hour and if someone works harder at work they get extra to maybe $30 an hour

@9D9X6G2Socialist Alliance answered…1yr

Yes, women and men should be paid the same, however it's not merely an issue of unfair treatment by employers. It's an inherit issue with the stereotyping of gender roles that's still present in modern day society, pushing women to be the 'caretakers' rather than the males. Furthermore this issue does not only effect women but also impacts males, by disencouraging them to develop realationships with their children.


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