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Yes; individuals who choose to adorn face coverings or veils, for religious purposes or otherwise, should be permitted to do so in public places, albeit, should identity confirmation be required for security reasons, said individuals should comply.



Yes, but their identity (if needed to be checked) must be privately verified by an approved female staff member


Yes but they should be required to take it off in banks, airports and for other security purposes.


Yes, however in instances where theirs are security risks, they must verify their identity

 @92DKHTJLiberal Democratanswered…1yr1Y

No, We must be a Secular Republic with a Multi-Political Party System.


Yes, however in instances where theirs are security risks, they must verify their identity e.g. banks, police stations


Yes, but their identity must be privately verified by a staff member that's not family




Yes, but they must remove it if no one else is allowed to cover their face.


Religion should not be used to justify sexism or racism, or racist or sexist practices.


Yes, we should respect all cultural traditions. Their identity could be privately verified by a female staff member

 @8Z28WVBOne Nationanswered…2yrs2Y

No this is Australia they should go home if they din't like our rules


It’s ok, but there is going to be circumstance where they need to show their faces for ID verifications and they need to comply too . It’s can’t be just one way.



Yes, but their identity should be privately verified by a female staff member in security areas


Yes, but establish a joint committee to propose a referendum with options to not infringe or lessen security to add to the Australian constitution


Respect should be a 2 way street. Face coverings are not legal in certain areas for all citizens safety and identification. Only the strictest Muslims do this so it can be accepted if needed.


i think the niqab is oppressive to woman so i dont think they should be worn by anyone


Yes, as long as there is not a security or abuse threat, e.g. marriage to become a citizen, marriage to a minor, or unwilling marriage.


Yes, we should respect everyone’s religious/cultural choices. For their verification, that should solely be their choice whether they would like to identify themselves. We should all be educated to respect each other’s choices.


Yes, and it is also their choice if there is a check of identity, and they have to be comfortable with it. If the check does go through it has to be by a female official.


Yes, but their identity needs to be confirmed so it must be removed at some point.


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