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@9X8DN6CGreen answered…4mos

No religious items should be permitted in public gatherings.

@9WFDF99Labor answered…4mos

Yes, but their identity should be privately verified by a female staff member in security areas

@9WD7LH5Independent answered…5mos

Yes, but establish a joint committee to propose a referendum with options to not infringe or lessen security to add to the Australian constitution

@9VJTGV8Nationals answered…7mos

Respect should be a 2 way street. Face coverings are not legal in certain areas for all citizens safety and identification. Only the strictest Muslims do this so it can be accepted if needed.

@9T2SKCPGreen answered…10mos

Yes, as long as there is not a security or abuse threat, e.g. marriage to become a citizen, marriage to a minor, or unwilling marriage.

@9QRVFT8Green answered…1yr

Yes, we should respect everyone’s religious/cultural choices. For their verification, that should solely be their choice whether they would like to identify themselves. We should all be educated to respect each other’s choices.

@9QRVFLZGreen answered…1yr

Yes, and it is also their choice if there is a check of identity, and they have to be comfortable with it. If the check does go through it has to be by a female official.

@9MN7HBDPirate Party answered…1yr

Yes, but their identity needs to be confirmed so it must be removed at some point.


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