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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

Increase, but only for countries that have no human rights violations

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...7yrs

@4ZMGXLPLiberalfrom New South Wales  answered…2yrs

@4ZWHNHPfrom South Australia  answered…2yrs

@4ZJVB9Wfrom South Australia  answered…2yrs

Decrease, until no Australian citizen is homeless, and everyone can afford heating in winter and cooling in summer, and 3 healthy meals every day

@95Q9VYF answered…1wk

Increase it for countries that don't have any human rights violation and decrease for countries who harbour or promote terrorism

@952P88SLabor answered…4wks

Help other countries who have supported us or other countries in need

@93Y3BRYOne Nation answered…2mos

Only for counties with that that need human rights attention, despite their government.

@93H84R7 answered…3mos

Redistribute funds to the people in countries, instead of directing to their government

@93GJJHJ answered…4mos

Depends, if the country is in desperate need and no one is aiding it, then we should increase spending, but other than that, it doesn't seem necessary.

@93D3ZHL answered…4mos

Decrease, we should help our own country first before we help any other country.

@939Y7HZ answered…4mos

foreign aid spending should depend on the needs of Australia at the time. if we need the money to put into bettering our country then it should be decreased.

@939Y7CJ answered…4mos

Depends on the state of our own country, and also what the state of the country in question that we are providing aid to.

@938425Q answered…4mos

Increase, Trade with lots of different countries so a conflict with a trading partner won't cause as much harm to the economy as it would if you only had 1 or 2

@93783ZCSocialist Alliance answered…4mos

Increase Foreign Aid spending, and spend it actually creating resources owned and controlled by the people the aid is given to. Do not give foreign governments aid since this often gets lost in corruption.

@935JK33 answered…4mos

@935CXH9Labor answered…4mos

Decrease, we need to deal with providing aid to those in need within Australia

@9355RJN answered…4mos

We should aid countries that are in need and perhaps even increase spending in certain cases, and instea dof lowering it to those that promote terrorisim, instead aid the citizens suffering in those countries.

@9352ZTN answered…4mos

Increase, but only to countries that have a proven track record of using the foreign aid purely to truly aid the country the aid is sent to

@934Z5Q4 answered…4mos

Decrease - funding should go towards supporting hardships in own country, but go to lower socioeconomic countries when in serious crisis/war (have a set budget)

@934WNCD answered…4mos

Increase but not to countries promoting terrorism and human rights violations

@934R5VM answered…4mos

Look after our own people first before giving away money to other countries in need.

@934ND5YGreen answered…4mos

The minimum amount should be donated with funds to be used towards environmental rehabilitation and community revivement to enable self sufficiency in those communities, and assist in providing locally sourced meals and shelter in times of disaster and crisis and medical care.

@934L28S answered…4mos

@9344YLT answered…5mos

Should definitely aid in cases of non human envolved circumstance such as natural disasters. How ever wars or neighbouring conflicts should be left to be.

@933ZK24 answered…5mos

@933WDKK answered…5mos

Increase for struggling countries but deny for countries promoting terrorism.

@933V5CYOne Nation answered…5mos

Increase, but only to countries that can prove to direct aid to needy projects

@933QCCH answered…5mos

@933L7D3 answered…5mos

Decrease 100% what about our country? We have so many issues ourselves and most of us struggle financially. Homelessness has never been so bad everywhere I look I see tents and I live in Redcliffe, its disgraceful. We absolutely should stop giving our taxes away and im a believer of giving and helping but we start with our country first! And only then which by the looks of things will be a very long time should we help other countries. I recently heard we donate as much as America and the UK donates less than us. We are a small country and the world should not rely on us for help all the time. Fix our country first!

@9337NB2 answered…5mos

Keep it the same as current however the saved funds should be directed towards helping our own veterans and homeless people

@9336XJ2 answered…5mos

I don’t feel strongly about this topic as it does not directly affect me

@932Y428 answered…5mos

Increase, to help the people that are not safe to help themselves


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