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@9VRP5J8Liberal answered…6mos

To some extend. I believe that they should increase it a little, but not go over the top with regulations.

@9VLS8JNBetter Families answered…7mos

The government should put measures in place to stop the erosion and degradation of our planet i.e. total bans on plastic and non-biodegradable materials, total transfer from fossil fuel industry to complete green and renewable energy.

@9SFTFR2Christian Democratic answered…11mos

Yes, but only according to a scale based on the size of the business. Larger businesses should be expected to do more to reduce emissions.

@9JD8NK8Labor answered…1yr

Yes, though I’m also not a fan of big government. Not knowledgeable enough to provide appropriate answer.

@9Z8D896Independent answered…3wks

@9YTDLG3Liberal answered…2mos

They should try their best to but shouldn't be enforce if required

Carbon taxes only get passed onto the public, and prices are already way too high. Help companies to change to clean energy or go out of business.

@9DB6S36Science answered…1yr

Yes, but global warming is still a natural occurrence, and the global temperature is fluctuating.

@9WLGMS3Liberal answered…5mos

If businesses are endangering the environment in a way, then the government should increase regulations to those businesses. But if they’re doing a good job avoiding endangerment to the environment, then why raise environment regulations at all?

@9VRP5LTLiberal answered…6mos

I think you need a little but of government control but not need to much.

@9VQK6HBNick Xenophon Team answered…6mos

Think there are more Important environmental issues now than global warming.. try seeing how much water is used in the manufacture of cotton for fashion! #StaceyDooley

@9VNMQT3Liberal answered…6mos

No but provide incentives for research and startup into creating competitive clean energy

@9VL8MGDLabor answered…7mos

No carbon tax but a carbon emissions trading scheme instead, along with rebates and other incentives for business to switch to clean energy

@9VGHLG3Liberal answered…7mos

We should be encourage to not waste energy, and apply new technologies for more effective and sustainable (I.e. cleaner coal & nuclear)

@9V9DQYWGreen answered…8mos

With financial support from the government where appropriate

@9SKW9KJNationals answered…11mos

Rich companies will just continue with what they are doing and pay or smaller companies that can not afford the expense of eco friendly items will be forced out of business

@9SHHW7SLiberal answered…11mos

Yes, but provide guidance and extension services rather than penalties except for major breaches

@9SDZPX2Nationals answered…11mos

I do no believe that this should be expensive but they should help businesses be eco friendly.

@9S8TYV4Democratic Labour answered…11mos

to a reasonable degree, but for CO2, methane & CO, not just Carbon particulates emissions.

@9RVJ8WNLabor answered…12mos

yes, but only to some companies because construction make quite a bit of carbon to make buildings

@9QJRD47Nationals answered…1yr

I'm here for a good time, not a long time. So its not a issue that I see as relevant.


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