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Yes, through a mix of light legislated regulations on business activities as well as incentivising in alternate, environmentally friendly energy production alternatives such as wind, hydro, solar and nuclear.


Yes, but only to large businesses and provide more incentives for alternative energy production.

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No. Whilst i do believe global warming is a natural occurrence, i do not deny that human activity has likely accelerated this warming period, and i have no issue with renewable energy, however, the amount of carbon emissions predicted to leave Australia will likely make no difference whatsoever as the major emission nations such as China have made no significant changes to their behaviour. Our best option would be to look at periods of cooling and heating and come up with solutions to tackle these situations, such as surviving an ice-age, which will likely require mass fossil fuel consumption with our current technology.





No, the government should not increase regulation on carbon dioxide emissions by business. The IPCC have posted carbon dioxide levels in our environment as a major threat to society. The science supporting this is weak at best. Carbon dioxide, which is plant food, is a highly improbable villain.


To be honest as long as society grows powerful to do whatever it can its fine


I think this is up to one's personal choice and preference, not up to the government.


Yes, but only if they're using fossil fuels or are hurting the native animals



Yes, and a 75% windfall profits tax should be put on all fossil fuel companies.


No. Stop wasting money. Make china do it. We are a drop in the ocean


Yes, I believe that global warming is a natural occurrence, but there should alternative energy production incentives as well



Yes but only if it doesn't not negatively impact employees of this business


No, and stop buying fuel resources from dictatorships such as Russia and the Middle East


The government needs to apply the same environmental regulations on imports as it does on business within Australia

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No, and they should stop controlling the weather with geoengineering to implement WEF agenda.


Big business should be hit harder and small businesses left as it is


I believe Jesus will return before the world implodes from this global warming nonsense.

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No. Climate change is a natural occurrence, and all this will do is cost more money and more jobs



Yes but also include research into green energy - in a way which doesn't harm the economy too severely and too quickly


If the business is contributing to pollution or plastic waste, then regulations should be put into place. I don’t care about global warming.


Carbon emissions are only one variable in a large system that is impacted by many factors such as; urban expansion (concrete and steel in place of areas which once had grass etc) which absorbs more heat from the sun than what was present before development


No more legislation, yet encourage it with incentives. However, Be more accepting to the possibility of climate change being largely natural.


No, and I believe global warming is a natural occurrence for the most part. However there is no reason why we shouldn't also provide more incentives for cleaner energy production as well.


How about actually attempting to solve the problem instead of using it as a stream of income?


yes, but focus mainly on larger corporations who have the most impact rather than smaller, struggling businesses.


Yes, even if global warming happens naturally, accelerating it isn't good either.



to a reasonable degree, but for CO2, methane & CO, not just Carbon particulates emissions.


yes, but only to some companies because construction make quite a bit of carbon to make buildings


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