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How would you react if a symbol important to your identity were banned from public display by the government?


In your opinion, what message does banning the Pride flag from embassies send to the LGBTQ community and its allies?


Why are y’all homophobic, we’re taking away more men for you and leaving more women.


I think that banning the pride flag is the right thing to do as it is not relevant at all to embassies


I think we should ban the pride flag along with all gays and make it a criminal offence if you are gay or a part of the lgbtq community


Does the prohibition of the Pride flag at U.S. embassies align with your understanding of freedom of expression?


No, it does not align because freedom of expression means that anyone can freely speak about and perform acts to do with their religion, gender, and sexuality. This act of prohibition on an already vulnerable minority group does not instill the confidence that they are supported by the U.S. embassies.