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When I hear languages that I do not understand I feel interested. Different languages and cultures are the backbones of Australia and are interesting to learn about.

 @9KD6YBCGreen agreed…3mos3MO

diversity and understanding of one another is vital for an accepting society to flourish. Interaction between different people groups can result in more empathy which is great to have in society


The day people begin to see people as people and not some alien version of themselves is the day we can fix so many societal and global issues. I come from a predominately white area and every day I hear people say discriminatory things as a 'joke'. When people only see other cultures on biased media outlets, their opinions are already made up, making it imperative that cultures should live next to one another and share each other's spaces to allow people to make their minds up for themselves on EACH person, not as a group.


Indifferent, you can speak any language you want. Further, it should be welcomed, learning from other cultures is so important


Anyone should have the right to speak in whatever language they are most comfortable in and should not be pressured or forced to learn/stop speaking in a certain language because of society


i dont really care, but i would like to learn more about that language if i find it interesting.


having a parent who speaks another language makes you want to learn and to accept another language. it's not that deep, and everyone should respect eachother.


Learning & speaking English in this country is very important. Mainly to young people. It would/should be very hard for elderly people that have moved here to learn a completely new language.


I don’t think anyone should be forced to learn English - but I think it would serve people well, and help it be easier for them if they are living here

 @9L89DZZSocialist Alliance from Guam agreed…1mo1MO

Learning and speaking English is important for general communication, but that does not mean that we should be losing our native tongues, as it contains an important part of our identities and culture. We should be encouraging the learning of both English as a lingua franca and non-English languages as a part of heritage.


  @JoshLP1997Australian Democratsanswered…5mos5MO

Indifferent, hearing different languages doesn't bother me as I am attempting to learn more languages myself


I understand the need for people to communicate in whatever language they are able and comfortable to. As long as someone is not trying to talk to me in a language I don’t understand, I don’t think about it too much.


Indifferent, hearing different languages doesn't bother me as I am attempting to learn more languages myself


I honestly used to feel uncomfortable, but I was younger then, and I rarely watched movies or YouTube that had foreign people in them. I had no exposure. But I slowly started watching more diverse and inclusive media, and it did actually translate to a positive change in my life. I started feeling happy when I interacted with people from different backgrounds.


When I hear a language I don't understand, I often feel comfortable as I come from a multicultural background. Often, I try my best to guess what was being said by reading their facial expressions and body language.


When I hear languages that I do not understand I feel interested. Different languages and cultures are the backbones of Australia and are interesting to learn about.

 @9LQSG5SOne Nationfrom Guam disagreed…1mo1MO

We are an English speaking country. We shouldn't have to restructure our linguistic culture and system to accommodate for people who didn't bother to learn our language.


I don't feel any way about it and i feel that way because cultures are going to mix along time.


It’s fine in a private setting, I respect other cultures and nationalities, however in work place environments, it should not be allowed.

 @9LMPTLHKatter’s Australiananswered…1mo1MO

I think that that is fine, but if they are illegally taking refuge here, then you can piss off.


If I ever notice a foreign language my reaction lands on the positive end as it serves as a reflection of the uniquely multicultural status of Australia in comparison with many other nations.


I feel lucky to have the freedom and access to the many languages of the world, right in my own backyard.


I think everyone has a right to speak whatever language they want and it doesn't bother me, just makes me wish I could understand their language and culture even more.


I feel proud to live in a multicultural country, because I like to learn about and experience different cultures.


I don't feel a particular way, as I respect others cultures and understand that they may not understand english either.


i think it is a point of viewing it as a cultural difference and an opportunity to learn more about their world.


I feel indifferent. Everyone should be able to speak their own language.


I am indifferent to hearing other languages. However I am interested in learning languages.


I don't really mind when I hear languages that I don't understand, because I acknowledge that people have different ethnicities despite us all residing in an English-speaking country. People still have a right to that privacy and escape that they experience when they speak their native languages. I believe I feel this because I also speak different languages before English.

 @9K6CXSS answered…3mos3MO

I just get confused because I can't understand them, but it gets me curious cos I do want to understand them so it also motivates me in a way to try learn another language. I give up every time but you know never any negative emotions.


To be part of this great nation and accept all that it offers the least you can do is participate in our language


I have not problem with people speaking other languages. I admire people who learn multiple languages.


I don't have any problems as I am a speaker of a different language. Sometimes not having everyone understand what you are saying is perfectly acceptable and it makes me feel fine.


I feel overjoyed, as to me it demonstrates the vast diversity of our country, and the acceptance of other cultures by our people


I feel quite interested and want to find out what the person is saying.


I think it’s cool that there is diverse and different cultures in Australia.


I feel confused about what they are saying but also intrigued because it is so foreign to me.


I don’t really mind, I just mind my own business and carry on doing what I’m doing.

 @9K8L9RNSocialist Allianceanswered…3mos3MO

I feel happy, elated, positive. If I'm hearing languages I don't understand it means I'm in the right place. I like going to countries and being the minority as an white English speaking person.


It does not bother me. Even though someone speak a different language doesn't mean they are any less Australian.

 @9K825VHGreen answered…3mos3MO

Neutral? It's a given that I'll hear other languages in a public space - Australia is an extremely multicultural country so hearing a language that's unfamiliar to me is very normal. I feel this way because I've grown up here, which means I've been privy to a diverse range of people and cultures and languages; its completely normalised it for me, so it doesn't really bring up any feelings except maybe curiosity?


I feel a sense of awe as I am Vietnamese myself but cannot speak the language fluently. Therefore, I think anyone who can speak another language apart from English is pretty cool.


Indifferent, yet intrigued by how different languages can determine social queues and interactions


I am really interested as to what language it is, I love hearing new languages


Other than awe, I believe the speaking of a LOTE (or one that I am familiar with) is completely remarkable. I think that coming from a family (and being in a long-term relationship) where the sole language is not English (Arabic//German), it has always been something of familiarity for me. I enjoy hearing it!



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