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Yes, they shouldn't be the sole decision makers, but theyre important people of australia, and their values where our founding values and i think they should be respected but not law, merely as a seat on parliament


Everyone is entitled to their own views and everyone should be able to voice their opinions to a platform.


No. You shoupd be free to practice your own religion but not force others to follow your religion's rules.


The Catholic Church and religion should have no political influence at all.


I don’t have any statistics off the top of my head but the entire country is not catholic, I’m personally not religious so why would I have to follow religious law if it doesn’t apply to me. Religion is a personal thing and is held up on belief, faith and community. They have their own values. There is no scientific reasoning behind why same sex marriage is ‘a sin’ - it is purely their own PERSONAL beliefs and it shouldn’t affect people who don’t follow the church and live seperate lives. If men want to kiss men the world isn’t gonna end and there is no negative consequences.


The Catholic Church is out of touch, hypocritical and corrupt. They should keep out of people’s lives and choices


Yes. I believe that Catholicism including all other beliefs and religions should have democracy in what they want to have a say in.


We are not a religious state. We are a multi-faith country, so the Catholic Church should not have a say in these matters.

 @9K43G4TFamily Firstagreed…3mos3MO

everyone deserves a say if they are welcome to live in the country, everyone has freedom of speech snd religion.


no. separation of church and state the pope has no right getting in my business, laws and rights as an atheist.

 @9JQ2224Laborfrom Connecticut disagreed…4mos4MO

Absolutely not, because the freedom of thought and expression is a fundamental part of democracy, and by allowing religion to dictate that will violate that. The separation of church and state must be defended strongly.


I'm not completely agreeing, however I believe the Catholic Church should have a say, but not over anyone or other organisations out there.


No, because the government should not be a church-run state, as there are many religions in the world, and favoring an individual one would cause trouble.


no, many religions are all around the world and i think putting precedence over one to have the major influence is skewing the political system negatively


The church is a separate entity made from writings from thousands of years ago. And people will try to justify stuff with the bible.


no I don't think any laws should be influenced or altered by any religion.


The church should not have influence on the decisions in government, separation of church and state is important.


No, the catholic church shouldn't have a say in political matters because not everyone's religion is Catholicism unless the government wants every religion to have a say in these matters.


because a church and its order have around for so long that them still having a say will help keep laws and rules straight and not out of balance.

 @9K2SLQMOne Nationanswered…3mos3MO

This all depends on which Catholics are being involved as there is a huge range of corruption through the Catholic Churches.

 @9K45HKFLabor disagreed…3mos3MO

I believe they should not have any say as they are not a political party and matters should be kept separate considering one religions view should not dictate the law although taking their stances as recommendations.

 @9JWX4JRChristian Democraticanswered…3mos3MO

I think yes because they should put Christianity in schools and band the LGBTQ+ community.

 @9JXQSDCGreen disagreed…3mos3MO


for what reason is it wrong to be lgbtqia this makes me sick lgbtqia people have been around since before christianity


I don't think they should be able to say anything about marriage or education or laws. They should only be able to enforce their beliefs within their own community and schools, not for everyone.


no, the catholic church should not have a say in any political matter. they are following teachings that are extremely outdated and are setting back society.


I believe if your a catholic there should be a different system for different types of religions, such as they have their own opinion.


I believe that the Catholic Church, as well as all other churches and Religions should be allowed to enforce their own rules of marriage and education among their own peoples, but not for atheist Australians or Australians who are part of a different Religion.

 @9HM45KKfrom North Carolina answered…6mos6MO

No, because they lost that right with International Child Sex Abuse scandel within the church.


Yes, they should. The Church like all religions and organisations have the right to voice their opinions. It is up to each person on how they take it.


Government is a service provided by the people for the people. Alternatively religion requires service to it's deity to survive. Therefore the idea that government and any religion are congruent is a false premise.


yes everyone should have a say. not everyone is going to agree on most topics. i’m catholic but im gay like boo hoo


No, for those who don't abide in the catholic religion have seperate veiws. so people with other religious veiws would be restricted and enforced into laws they don't beleive in.



No - politics should not be influenced by any religious beliefs, as they are their own organisations which should not impact those who do not follow them.


Although individuals should still be allowed to practice religion free of scrutiny, and have such religious beliefs influence their individual political decisions, religious institutions in general


no. Outdated religious institutions shouldn't have a say regarding political matters. The enemy of progression is through religious means.


No. You can have your own opinions however, they can vote their own way, not have the entire say.


I believe they should be able to present their case but hold no actual footing in parliament.


No, the Church and state should remain separated as Catholic views no longer represent the views of the majority.


No because if Australia is indeed a secular nation then it must completely block out any external influences on politics from the catholic church


No. The church is not special, they do not deserve special treatment just because their religious beliefs may disagree with others


Yes I believe it is their right to exercise the freedom of speech to influence but they shouldn't be able to have control over laws


No, who care about the church outside of its religion. The government for all not the few who believe certain things.

 @9JHB5QGKatter’s Australiananswered…4mos4MO

yes as the catholic faith is the largest in the world and religion is a driving factor in billions of people's lives.

 @9K827K9from California answered…3mos3MO

No, there should be a complete separation between religion and state. Yes, the church can view their opinions and values, but the state must have the final say in matters.


 @9K7GXWTUnited Australiaanswered…3mos3MO


I don't believe they should have an influence but they are entitled to their own opinion.


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