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I believe that it's most important for critical changes to be made at corporate level, but individuals should also take responsibility for their choices too.


Yes, but I believe that it is incredibly important to change at the corporate level, since the rich release the most amount of emissions, far more than we do.


No, and we should not make any changes whatsoever since we only make a miniscule amount of pollution.


a government can make a legal act or law that can help the environment but individuals can help shape what the government does

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Everyone has the responsibility of maintaining and shaping their environment, i.e the land they own or occupy, as they see fit.


The carbon footprint was invented by Shell. We do not profit off of the climate situation, and we did not create the conditions making it nearly impossible not to contribute for personal financial gain. It is the responsibility of corporations.


The latter is more important realistically, but it depends on how you view it.


One person can make a huge change, like one person could fun lots of money to help lots of people or a business.