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If the immigrants from the country are at a specific higher risk to our country, then yes, you can ban them. If not, then you should not ban them.


yes but provide safety, that be it either in out country or a close and safe country like papua new guinea


No, but everyone entering the country should have proof of a clean criminal record and pass a psych evaluation


Security and background check them and if they are safe then no if not then yes


No but put into a safe and secure area before known as potential terrorists

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How many more of these questions will be Americanized - I sure with Australia


Make sure we raise security from high risk countries and have firm checks from them to make sure it’s safe for them to come here


It would be hard to determine if they have links to terrorism but maybe the government should invest in some ways to monitor those family/people.


Yes, but only if they went through a background check for criminal history.


Immigration should be stopped altogether until we solve the current housing crisis.



No, these immigrants may be fleeing from potentially life-threatening situations


Place these immigrants in off-shore detention facilities (but they actually need to be comfortable and not violate basic rights) and screen them accordingly. The process needs to be streamlined for maximum of 6 - 12 months.


No but only if they are given a strong security check and background check


No only if they get a strong background check and the police should seek out the people from the high risk country to see if there terrorists or not


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