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Cars powered by internal combustion and cars powered by electricity or hybrids are all still cars. Cars are inherently on a mass scale a very inefficient way to travel and ruin cities. Instead, as I've said earlier numerous times in this test, public transport should be free, efficient, guaranteed as a right and incentivised to reduce the need to own a car and hence decrease pollution, waste and congestion.



 @9L7PM6TDavid Pocockanswered…2mos2MO

No, this disproportionately benefits the wealthy few that can afford EVs


 @9K8TZN2New Liberalanswered…3mos3MO

No, just remove the taxes and tariffs that make them so expensive. On the proviso that the manufacturer and licensee have set up and or are directly involved in resource recycling of their product - cradle to cradle.


Instead of directly subsiding taxpayers who buy electric vehicles, the government should invest in infrastructure that would make electric vehicles a more practical choice.


Yes, but better infrastructure needs to be put in place to support electric vehicles, so we aren't powering our electric cars with fossil fuel electricity


No, electric vehicles are only part of the problem. Use the money to build better cycling infrastructure and public transport instead.



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