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@95VV6ZBLabor answered…1wk

Yes but for those who have committed acts such as rape, murder, pedophilia and domestic violence to a certain degree

@935HXPX answered…5mos

@9353BBF answered…5mos

No; death is permanent; the death penalty does not allow for the wrongfully incarcerated, to later submit the necessary proof of innocence required, to overturn their conviction.

@9352ZTN answered…5mos

Yes, but for only three types of crimes. Murder, active terrorism and treason.

@934ZMKYLabor answered…5mos

No, but increase prison harshness such as hard labour (idle hands…)

@934JXKV answered…5mos

No but a criminal who has commitment a horrible crime should have to work within the prison to pay their way for the rest of their life. Pay for their food and rent.

@9345PT2 answered…5mos

the entire justice system needs to be abolished and reformed completely

@9328RPKLabor answered…5mos

@92ZLH5D answered…5mos

No, it is more expensive than life in prison and innocent people are sentenced

@92YPGN6 answered…5mos

Yes, but it should be determined by the prisoner if their sentence exceeds 10 years without parole

@92TWSGD answered…5mos

Yes but only on extreme cases that are without a doubt the person who committed that crime

@92TP7CJ answered…5mos

Yes, but only for horrific crimes with undeniable evidence, like sexual crimes against children and human traffickers.

@92SV4SC answered…5mos

Death penalty for repetitive violent sexual crimes against men, women and children - for serial rapists/killers, child predators and human traffickers who won’t change just because they’ve served time.

@92LTWLD answered…5mos

No, too many people are incorrectly convicted, spending life in prison is a harsher sentence, and it's wrong to say things like 'Killing people is wrong, you can't do that so now we will kill you because it's bad to kill people'

@92JZ2MP answered…5mos

Yes, only for those diagnosed with a psychotic diagnosis that are beyond rehabilitation and are a total lost cause.

@92BK22LLabor answered…6mos

No, but force them to work in prison, hard productive labour for life.

@8ZNGCMJLabor answered…7mos

@8ZLMKPH answered…7mos

Very difficult question, Yes, but there has to be undeniable evidence. The trouble is corruption

@8ZFQ6X6 answered…7mos

No, no one should be able to take another persons life. Murder and the death penalty are basically the same.

@8ZDJPRFReason answered…7mos

If the evidence is undeniable and the crime horrific, then I think the family should be able to inflict any, and all forms of punishment they so choose, including long term torture. There should be NO doubt though. None!

@8YBKMTSGreen answered…9mos

@8Y6LMHCOne Nation answered…9mos

No, sentence them to life as a slave instead of giving them the death penalty

@8WSB7MN answered…12mos

@8WMWGQY answered…12mos

if somebody has a life sentance with no parole then let them (the prisoner) be able to decide if they want to get the death penalty

@8VC6KG4Independent answered…1yr

Personally no, but allow a Joint Committee into the death penalty

@8TSMMHPLiberal Democrat answered…1yr

No, but brand pedos so people kill them themselves, it's cheaper that way.

@8TQCZTRIndependent answered…1yr

Yes, but as a voluntary option for people who do not want to life in prison.

@8TK8FQQ answered…1yr

Yes, in cases such as mass murder, political and urban terrorism and crimes against the government

@8SZTB8LGreen answered…1yr

No, because we should not be able to take life as a punishment for taking life? we cant play god like that

@8RZRJBN answered…2yrs

No, but those who commit those types of crime should spend the rest of their lives in prison, they should never be let out.

@8R5J7KJGreen answered…2yrs

No, but if it must happen, instead of killing them, donate their body to science to yield a positive outcome for humanity :)


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