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Yes, but by drastically reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials

@953GVQT answered…4wks

No, increase taxes on the wealthy anf focus om ending tax evasion

@937PQG5 answered…4mos

No, increase taxes on large corporations and cut spending to military

@934XZ33Green answered…4mos

@933XSVN answered…5mos

No, but ban pork barreling and force corporations to pay back the money they took from job keeper.

@933MBX8 answered…5mos

Yes by reducing the benefits and pensions of politicians, higher tax on large corporations and high income earners

@932F3QZ answered…5mos

Pretty much all of the "No, ...etc" answers. Reduce military, tax the rich and corpros and all of that

@92X78RD answered…5mos

@92N3D7W answered…5mos

No, focus on reducing military spending, increasing taxes on the wealthy, and ending tax evasion

@92J8K3Z answered…5mos

Yes, as long as the country is not cutting corners of safety procedures and building stabilities

@92GZY6Q answered…5mos

No, instead drop ex gov workers per sions to that of the normal pension rate

@92GC56FLabor answered…5mos

Yes increase public spending, but change spending habits to conform to local government areas needs

@92GC2DN answered…5mos

Reduce spending on activities that don’t have wealth generating potential/ impacts

@92FTSY7 answered…5mos

@92F7GSZ answered…5mos

No, tax the wealthy and multinational businesses. Focus on tax evasion and misuse of government money in parliament and Centrelink. Schools, health systems and environment/preserving nature and out land should be the focus

 @DrewWolfSP from GU answered…5mos

No, the problem is not spending volume, the problem is poor spending decisions.

@92D4TL9 answered…6mos

I think Australians should be able to to have more of say when it comes to spending our money...Maybe a certain budget bracket eg 500 million needs to be voted on. Because already there is alot of rubbish our money is going on eg: advertising

@92D4BFV answered…6mos

Yes as well as cutting the salaries and benefits of government officials.

@92CK5TYLiberal answered…6mos

Audit public spending. Find and reduce excess spending. Reduce politicians pension/bonuses and spending

@92CGJWR answered…6mos

Stop wasting taxpayers money by being heavy handed on handing out money to welfare and construction industry unions

@92C6MSLGreen answered…6mos

I agree with a mix of the above answers including reducing military spending and increasing taxes on large corporations and the wealthy

@92BY9FHLiberal answered…6mos

No, increase tax on large multinational corporations and the super wealthy ($1m+ annual salary)

@92BVDQ4 answered…6mos

Yes but there should be a broader strategy for reducing national debt, not by solely focusing on reducing national spending in the areas of foreign aid and education for example, but by identifying areas across the board where money could be saved, e.g. military, reducing the general revenue assistance given to the states, reducing dramatically the funding of private education and providing states and territories with more power over education, altering retirement benefits of government officials (e.g. revoking the Life Gold Pass Entitlements of retired parliamentarians). Working on

@92BKBGS answered…6mos

Should remove overseas corporate tax havens that allow companies trading in Australia to avoid standard Australian tax rates

@927JHLK answered…6mos

Benefits/salaries to government officials cut, increase taxes on wealthy and large corporations

@927J3M9 answered…6mos

Only from the elderly. Baby boomers are a bloated tick sucking this country dry.

@92747G3 answered…6mos

No, increase taxes on large multinational corporations and the wealthy, and focus on ending tax evasion

@926Q2NW answered…6mos

No, we should end tax evasion, increase taxes on multinational corporations and the wealthy

@924SM56Labor answered…6mos

A combination of a farer tax system for the poor and supporting government businesses to drive profitable investments to pay off debt

@922BBPZReason answered…6mos

Yes, but make it so that politicians are paid an average government wage or are paid according to the output of their election promises and international commitments

@8ZQRRNS answered…7mos

Perhaps we needed to strike a much greater balance between the economy and public health. I do not know the numbers of direct Covid deaths but I feel that if we looked at that and the amount of debt we have now incurred we might think it was an overreaction. Certainly reducing our military spending if we have to start somewhere.

@8ZLMKPH answered…7mos

From what I have seen & heard, the rich normally having a business/s can reduce their taxable income
with deductions which are truly personal use. Example, taken family members to dinner & claim as an expense. Use a 4wd company car for the purpose of holidays. All expense deductible


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