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@9XDJZW6Liberal answered…4mos

No, but their needs to be strict guidelines as to what constitutes hate speech and it needs to be applied fairly to all. It can't be a tool just for use against particular groups.

@broad3One Nation answered…10mos

Yes as long as it supports all sides of an argument at the moment it only supports the far left and left of politics

@9Z8CT5BOne Nation answered…2wks

Yes,because i don't trust bureaucrats to define boundaries of hate speech and we have laws against definite and specific threats to take care of real threats of harm.

@9YMXJSBLabor answered…2mos

It Depends on what is classified as hate speech. straight up racial bigotry sure is hate speech, but by the same token some would deem the fact that my black friend like fried chicken is also hate speech and bigotry, there needs to be more defined lines that dont enable hate speech or false cries of hate speech from either politicians the extreme right or extreme left

@9W8JYS4Liberal answered…5mos

Yes as long as it is not for same-sex or gay couples and individuals

@9VNRTWDGreen answered…6mos

People are allowed to display hate speech, but should face the punishment of it.

@9VJTGV8Nationals answered…7mos

Yes, as long as it does not threaten violence. Should also be equal for all. Currently discrimintes based on skewed version of political correctness

@9V27MSFLabor answered…8mos

Yes, you have the freedom to express hateful language, however, this does NOT protect you from the consequences of expressing hateful language.

@9FJGM3PReason answered…1yr

Yes, provided it is not vilification, or inciting violence.

@9F3J7HNPirate Party answered…1yr

Freedom of speech is to be able to share your opinion without judgement. Hate speech is not an opinion, it’s hate and should not be protected.

@9PTPZ9TScience answered…1yr

@9N964KCSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

Yes but increased impartial oversight of procedure and review process


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