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@9XDJZW6Liberal answered…4mos

Yes, but they need to be have a regulatory power to achieve anything.

@9YYBD8QFamily First answered…1mo

Yes, but the World Health Organisation needs suitable accountability

@9XYZQ9PLabor answered…3mos

No, it has been shown to be controlled by Chinese interests

@9VDLRKHIndependent answered…7mos

No, the WHO has shown itself to be a criminal organisation.

@9TQXXWRLabor answered…9mos

Yes, but due to the corruption going on in the WHO relating to China and Taiwan, it should be decreased.

@9MN7HBDPirate Party answered…1yr

No but I don’t think this is as simple as it sounds. They have no legal responsibilities or requirements to treat incidents in each country equally. For example with Covid, because China is a large investor, it became a conflict of interest to curb the Chinese economy by containing the virus.


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