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Yes, but the government should provide free language learning courses

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No, we should embrace the diversity that immigrants add to our country

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Yes, and remove multilingual translations from government documents and services

@965XMWV answered…2hrs

No, however the government should provide free language learning courses to aid immigrants in adapting to the large cultural shift, and immigrants should be encouraged to learn the language so they are better equipped to communicate with a majority of the population.

@965WDLHGreen answered…4hrs

Yes, they should be able to use rudimentary English to suffice in emergencies or daily life such as shopping and using public transport but classes should be provided and they should not be forced to become fluent

@96237D2 answered…5 days

No, but they should have free and easy access to language learning courses

@95PZ5Y2 answered…2wks

@95J7T5FGreen answered…3wks

they shouldn't be required to learn anything they don't want to but we should have free English classes for those who do so we can create a diverse and friendly environment.

@95J7SZ3 answered…3wks

yes , it'd be ideal for them to but it takes time and can't expect them to speak it 100% of the time

@95H247J answered…3wks

they don't have to but if working they should learn the basics so they can communicate with us

@95DL5Y9Green answered…3wks

Not required, but i think that there should be free resources for them to use if they choose to learn.

@95DKY63 answered…3wks

They should at least learn a bit of english to make things easier

@95DKXQK answered…3wks

@95CHMNRLabor answered…3wks

Yes, we should provide a program that allows immigrants to learn, but they should still feel free to speak in their native language.

@95455NWGreen answered…4wks

No, but they should be encouraged to attend free, government-provided language learning courses

@94SVMFQGreen answered…1mo

No, but support should be given to help non-English speakers adapt

@94PN2LLLabor answered…1mo

@94FQRC3Labor answered…1mo

Immigrants should have a basic English level to gain employment in Australia, it’s about communication. For getting a Permanent residency, compulsory English tests should be abolished, it’s good character that should be prioritized when getting a PR.

@949VVVNLiberal answered…2mos

No, but encourage them to learn english if they plan on living here permanently or for elongated periods of time.

@947KFHF answered…2mos

@944KFHF answered…2mos

No, they shouldn't be legally required to, but it would make living here easier.

@9447FSJ answered…2mos

yes for the benefit of assimilation however they should not be expected to stop using their native language when they see fit.

@94465Y3Green answered…2mos

They shouldn't be forced to, but it would make living in Australia a lot easier. It's their choice how easy they want their stay to be.

@94346HSGreen answered…2mos

australia is an english speaking country, it shouldnt be required for immigrants to learn english, but it should be encouraged for them to get jobs and education, they should also give free lessons so they have the opportunity to learn

@943345K answered…2mos

They shouldn't be required to, but should be offered the opportunity to

@93WL2N5 answered…3mos

i belive that it would be helpful considoring that the majoraty of australias population do speak english as thier first language however if you choose not to then that should be fine aswell.

@93TQK7P answered…3mos

I would like them to learn a basic understanding of English to help them out.

@93T2X46 answered…3mos

Yes, but it shouldn't be compulsory as Learning a certain language can be challenging and some people may not be able to

@93S3PKW answered…3mos

They shouldn’t be forced the learn but the option for free language classes

@93R3M8Y answered…3mos

Yes to the degree that they have capacity and that access is available

@93L6VQX answered…3mos

No, but we should implement policies to encourage learning English as well as improving access to multilingual documents and services

@93HBL72 answered…4mos

No, but there should be incentives to do so and courses available for anyone who wishes

@934PJCTNick Xenophon Team answered…5mos

No, but the Government should provide free language and social integration courses

@933XQVY answered…5mos

No, but the government should encourage it and provide free language classes

@932TZQK answered…5mos

Yes, but only to help bring understanding and give a sense of community from our different backgrounds

@9327DL8 answered…5mos

Make them learn english but they can still speak their own language at home or outside without being discriminated against.

@92YT3LT answered…5mos

@92YJFZ4 answered…5mos

Yes, but the government should supply free language courses and we should continue to support dual/multi language use. More languages it better for everyone. Yes learn English but no you don’t have to stop using your own we should learn some of yours to.

@92Y2SJV answered…5mos

No, but they should be provided with easily-accessible ways to learn.

@92XSQTLGreen answered…5mos

Yes, at least to a certain degree where they can do basic necessities such as go grocery shopping. I think the free language learning courses are a good idea, as long as there is a range of times where they are held and are not mandatory as not everyone may have the means to go to these classes


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