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No, athletes should compete based on the biological sex that is listed on their birth certificate

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

Yes, but only if their hormone levels are equivalent to those in the gender category in which they compete

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@95MZ9X9Science answered…2wks

The more competitive, like states, the more regulated it should be. Trans people are not the same physically as neither their sex assigned at birth or their gender they identify with.

@93TZYR8Labor answered…3mos

No, this would devalue women's divisions as transgender women who have experienced a male puberty have a distinct advantage against cisgender women.

@9353BBF answered…5mos

Yes; transgender women athletes, who maintain, long term, serum testosterone levels within the normal range, of cisgender women athletes, should be permitted to compete within the gender category for which they identify.

@934YFGV answered…5mos

We need to create a new sport category for 'other' or 'everyone else' or for all those that differ from birth sex. Woman have spent generations creating womans sport cause men are naturally better at physical things. How many transgender men (originally woman) wanna play mens sport?? -none cause they'll lose no matter how equal their hormone levels are. What about the trans people that are only trans in mind and dont wanna change their bodies fit in? -they dont. If trans people wanna play sport they gotta accept theyre different. If trans people get to play in womans sport it makes the

@934XZ33Green answered…5mos

Yes but only if everyone has there levels tested before completing

@933ZLSW answered…5mos

Yes, but they should still be allowed to compete but in a trans man/trans woman category

@933W2B8 answered…5mos

Medical experts should write the policy in conjunction wIt’s the sports admin body for each sport

@9336G9R answered…5mos

Yes, in appropriate weight/size categories, which goes for all athletes

@9324YQG answered…5mos

No, but only restricted at competitive or professional levels, where money is made by the athlete to play or where the athlete becomes eligible for sponsorships or scholarships.

@92YJYG5 answered…5mos

Yes in low level, non combat sports only. State level and above no.

@92Y8F6N answered…5mos

The issue is far too complex and nuanced to warrant a yes/no answer

@92Y896LLiberal answered…5mos

Yes as long as any medical procedures are completed prior to puberty so male hormones do not increase male physique traits

@92XVPW5Green answered…5mos

No, and make a separate category specifically for transgender people to participate in

@92XT7PG answered…5mos

@92XSKBH answered…5mos

No, because biological make-up of the sexes goes beyond hormones into skeletons and organs. These are unable to be changed regardless of hormone therapy.

@92X78RD answered…5mos

Yes, but only if their hormone levels are equivalent to those in the gender category in which they compete and after being on hormone therapy for five years.

@92WHJ56 answered…5mos

@92VNLRK answered…5mos

Yes, if their physical development caused by their gender does not give them an unfair advantage and hormone levels are reasonably congruent to their competitors

@92VLVPM answered…5mos

Transgender classes should be introduced, much like classes for handicap athletes

@92SDZ7S answered…5mos

@92SCPP9 answered…5mos

Each sporting code should come up with their own policies on this issue

@92R9HXX answered…5mos

Individual sports leagues should be able to decide which athletes may participate.

@92M9D5X answered…5mos

A new division should be created because this is a very complex topic.

@92LR6PN answered…5mos

I think it should just be categorised by skill and weight grades oppose to sex.

@92LQJBD answered…5mos

@92KWZWN answered…5mos

@92JZ2MP answered…5mos

No, athletes should compete based on their biological sex OR have a transgender team option.

@92J8WL8Liberal answered…5mos

No, biological woman can compete against biological woman. Open up the men's league to allow for both trans men and women

@92HW3K6 answered…5mos

I don't believe this is an issue that needs to be regulated by the federal government

@92H3V2C answered…5mos

Yes, only if they have completed a (sport-specific) course of hormone therapy


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