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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

Yes, social media companies are politically biased and need to be regulated

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...4yrs

No, social media companies are private and should not be regulated by the government

@97QYKRP answered…2wks

Probably not because I feel like that should be the responsibility of the social media companies

@95GWW3Q answered…3mos

The government should be able to highlight things as fake or satire but should not be able to hide or delete tweets from the public.

@HippopiJ answered…4mos

Yes but only to the extent of political, health and scientific news.

@HippopiJ answered…4mos

@934XZ33Green answered…6mos

@934XKY6 answered…6mos

No, the government needs to spend more on getting out the factual message

@934TBGJ answered…6mos

I think it should be regulated but not just over fake news, bullying & hate speech seems to be a more important target. There should also be age restrictions in place as so much of these issues seem to stem from teenager - young adult age groups

@934ND5YGreen answered…6mos

More regulation needs to be done on the internet as a whole, we could look at utilising technology to create an AI that is able to verify information, references, sources et certra and provide a score on the validity of the website, article, information et cetra so people could make more informed decisions.

@933LBHL answered…7mos

No the government should improve education levels and promote positive reporting of news by media outlets

@932ZMLZ answered…7mos

@92ZFQJB answered…7mos

People shouldnt be gullible nimrods. There is not one unbiased news program in Australia making it impossible to get balanced views like myself

@92YQS8F answered…7mos

Neither I don’t trust social media or believe all the information the government provides us is correct

@92XSQTLGreen answered…7mos

Not necessarily regulate per say but at least hold the social media sites accountable for any misinformation, especially if they go viral

@92WFQ2M answered…7mos

No, but an independent unbiased body should stop the spread of Fake news and Misinformation.

@92VMJHQ answered…7mos

No, but there should be funding put towards fact checking sites and information hubs to help citizens easily identify misinformation

@92TWW7W answered…7mos

No, though the algorithm that continually feeds the same content (click bait) should be banned, so users are exposed to all information not just one that feeds the same narrative (bias)

@92P87YR answered…7mos

The government should make it illegal for social media companies to remove news that the company doesn’t agree with only removing illegal activity

@92KRJL8 answered…7mos

There should be legislation that holds social media companies accountable if harmful misinformation is spread

@92KNTVX answered…7mos

No, but they should put in place something to make sure that the social media companies make sure there is no fake news

@92KMCLWGreen answered…7mos

Social media should be regulated the same as television, radio and advertising. Anything blatantly false or defamatory should be removed and the platform should be fined

@92DKT5R answered…7mos

Yes, but the government should have an external independent organisation regulate and prevent fake news and misinformation.

@92DKHTJLiberal Democrat answered…8mos

No, the government should not determine what is fake or real news & No, social media companies are private and should not be regulated by the government.

@92C9PYH answered…8mos

Web platforms should be required to fact check and declare results for any high reach content.

@92C3XDD answered…8mos

No, but social media companies should be monitored by social conscience.

@9296BSRLabor answered…8mos

No, the government should not determine what is fake or real news but an independant body should be set up to regulate social media sites and fake news/misinformation.

@8ZRXG33Green answered…9mos

Yes, but only if the government is completely honest about the news that is being spread, and not use the regulations to support any propaganda.

@8ZQ8G42 answered…9mos

Yes, but as long as we don’t cross the boundary into censorship.

@8ZLSD7QGreen answered…9mos

@8ZL4KNPLabor answered…9mos

I think it would be micro managing for the government to have control over everything we are viewing. Let people decide for themselves by giving them the information.

@8ZFKB9XGreen answered…9mos

No, however the social media companies should regulate their sites to prevent fake news and misinformation.

@8ZFGSBZ answered…9mos

@8Z6QVGM answered…10mos

Yes, but through legislation which puts responsibility on the sites

@8YWMRGYIndependent answered…10mos

Yes, but they should only change the algorithm, not censor information

@8YRXZ8CPirate Party answered…10mos

No, but social media companies should be liable for content on their platforms

@8YNBBSVArts Party answered…10mos

The government can't determine what is fake or real, as it could be used for their political agenda. But hate speech should be regulated.

@8YJ2WTTLabor answered…11mos

@8YHWBXV answered…11mos

@8Y6DL92 answered…11mos

It's impossible to truly do this; any implementable system to censor the internet beyond what measures are already in place would be far too authoritarian and an egregious offence to the rights of citizens.

@8Y4TVK6Labor answered…11mos

Yes, but an independent body needs to be responsible for regulating and defining 'fake news'.


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