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@95CLZH8 answered…3wks

Only is there is undeniable evidence and has caused multiple deaths

@9352ZTN answered…5mos

No, the death penalty should ONLY be for “an eye for an eye”, active terrorists, and traitor situations

@934ZMKYLabor answered…5mos

No, but increase prison harshness such as hard labour (idle hands…) and prisoner support programs based on education, skill development, improving mental health, and reintroduction into society if applicable

@934XZ33Green answered…5mos

No and life with out parole after rehabilitation and education and more than 2 infrastructures have occurred

@9324CBT answered…5mos

Yes, only if the drug is illegal and there is proof someone died from it

@92XSQTLGreen answered…5mos

No, I don't believe in the death penalty but underlying causes of drug traffickers should be investigated, and I believe in rehabilitation wherever possible to prevent reoffending

@92X78RD answered…5mos

Street-level traffickers should not receive the death penalty. but distributors and higher level traffickers should.

@92WCZBK answered…5mos

No, I do not believe in the death penalty. They should be given a fair trial with maximum penalty of life without parole if minors or sex trafficking is also involved

@92SSD9C answered…5mos

Depending on the circumstances/consequences that come with the trafficking

@92SQPNHLabor answered…5mos

No but they should face heavy penalties based on the seriousness of the drug and the the deaths associated from said drug being trafficked

@92SNYVG answered…5mos

Drug trafficking shouldn’t be an issue if it is legalised and regulated

@92SNPNP answered…5mos

The death penalty should only ever be used for the most heinous unrefutably obvious crimes

@92SLTD6 answered…5mos

No why should someone who brought drugs in serve more time or be killed rather then a rapist, murder or a child predator

@92SBMCB answered…5mos

@92SB75B answered…5mos

No, sentence them to a long period of detention in an institution that successfully re-educates them into a life of living only to do good to themselves and others.

@92Q8XVJLiberal answered…5mos

No, and prison sentence should be decided by the situation but their should be a minimum of time either way so people know they are getting time for their actions either way.

@92LP9ZY answered…5mos

Legalise drugs so we don’t have this problem, people will do drugs if they are legal or not

@92LDPDM answered…5mos

Only if the drugs they traffic kill people & they are a repeat offender

@92JWZ4D answered…5mos

Death to those involved in poor quality drugs. Jail if drugs are at proper quality level.

@92F7JBM answered…6mos

No, they're often desperate people who have been taken advantage of.

@92DKHTJLiberal Democrat answered…6mos

You should only supported the Death Penalty for the most Hainist and Serious Crimes on the Planet such as a Dictatorships, War-Lords, Monarchy, Corruption, Terrorism, Theocracy and something along those lines.

@8ZNGCMJLabor answered…7mos

No drug related crime should result in punishment of any kind. All drugs should be decriminalised. Rehabilitation should be offered in certain cases.

@8ZDJPRFReason answered…7mos

Hell no. More drugs should be legalised and non violent offenders, locked up for drug dealing, should be released

@8XLWHR9Labor answered…10mos

No, Drugs should be decriminalized and in some cases legalized sold and taxed in order to prevent black market trade and foster safer user conditions.

@8WKPM7BLabor answered…12mos

Drug trafficking is not always by the trafficker themself, theyre part of a bigger problem. Use them to investigate. Unless it is from Aus to another country then it is the problem of the country they are travelling to.

@8WBZJTJ answered…12mos

Depending on the circumstances. Should they be trafficking in order to make a living or reluctantly, they should be given a fair trial. If they do it with malicious intent then yes.

@8VMZZNDPirate Party answered…1yr

No, I don't believe in the death penalty and can't believe you'd give death penalty for drug traffickers of sexual ones

@8VFJ3GZ answered…1yr

no, i don't believe in the death penalty unless they're; rapists, pedophiles, child molesters, anything to do with children BUT they HAVE to have solid proof of the crime.

@8V8D777 answered…1yr

@8V63P4PGreen answered…1yr

they should be given time in jail, but not life, they are victims to poverty


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