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@9YV99B4Socialist Alliance answered…1mo

No, this will encourage corporations to raise prices and people in poverty won't be any better off.

@9ZCD5C6Independent answered…1wk

I only think this would be needed if a technological revolution occurs that reduces job possibilities by >40%

@9YZ88P2Labor answered…1mo

@9YMXL59Liberal answered…2mos

No, this will just end up as a way to vote in more socialist representatives. You will always vote for the person who promises you more money. This would wreck the free market and chase away investment.

@9YKBG7YIndependent answered…2mos

Yes, but only for low income people and not higher income people

@JHill82Liberal answered…3mos

Yes, but couples or households earning over $200,000, and individuals earning over $120,000, should be bared from the scheme

@9W8CTNHIndependent answered…5mos

Yes, as long as it is proven that people have a job before receiving the benefits.

@9VXLCTRLabor answered…5mos

No, because it does not actually address systemic inequality and there are better solutions.

@9VLBC5YScience answered…6mos

Yes, as long as the people receiving the basic income aren't able to work due to medical or mental reasons and/or reasons involving not being able to find work

@9DMX9W5Labor answered…1yr

@9S2ZZGMGreen answered…11mos

@9QF898KSocialist Alliance answered…1yr

Yes and no, those who cannot comfortably afford basic necessities on their own should have access to such a program, but those are not able to shouldn't receive these payments, particularly high earners

@9LNQ992Labor answered…1yr

Yes. As long as there are supports in place to get people into further study or employment

@9LNMPP3Reason answered…1yr

Yes, and regulate bills and necessities from being raised by the same amount

@9LNHF6ZArts Party answered…1yr

For low income earners, and those earning below a set amount.

@Lojac-CorryGreen answered…1yr

an employment guarantee is a much better approach over a UBI that will just give right wing Governments the power to remove services .


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