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@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

@ISIDEWITHDiscuss this answer...5yrs

No, and we should increase the amount of immigrants we currently allow into the country

@94H28RS answered…1mo

No, but there should be a ban on non-European immigration into Australia

@94FQRC3Labor answered…1mo

We should stop giving special treatment for immigrants from the UK and NZ. Any immigrant that’s from a country that’s not hostile to Australia should have an equal chance on immigrating to Australia. Border security should do it’s as usual.

@94DNMGS answered…1mo

Yes, build up our infrastructure first then allow immigration of only those who have Anglo-Celtic heritage

@93ZCM2MLabor answered…2mos

Yes, until corona virus slows down and Australia can afford to support its citizens again

@93R3M8Y answered…3mos

Immigration should be proportionate to Australia’s capacity to accommodate

@933XZ94 answered…4mos

No, but we should reduce the amount of immigrants to Australia to allow for more jobs and housing to go to currently residing Australian citizens and immigrants as the pricing is increasing due to high demand.

@933QC5M answered…4mos

We should be worrying about the people who already live in this country and helping them get on their feet first

@932D887 answered…5mos

Yes until our economy recovers from the Covid lockdowns & when our own residents are employed

@92Z7Y9Q answered…5mos

@92Y548R answered…5mos

Yes, until we have the infrastructure to support a higher population.

@92X2MYY answered…5mos

@92TP7CJ answered…5mos

potentially yes, but only until we can provide work for everyone here first.

@92GGNVGLiberal answered…5mos

No, but we should reduce the current amount of immigrants we currently allow into the country

@92FVLJJ answered…5mos

Only allow those who would add value to Australia economically and skills-wise.

@92FRZVK answered…5mos

Yes, but we need to assist immigrants by running programs to give them the skills to integrate into our society

@92FBWBT answered…5mos

At the moment, yes. Because immigrants will take the jobs away from Australians who have been fired due to the mandates. This will in turn sway the voting majority in favour of that government.

@92D3VBV answered…5mos

But we need a better process of who can be selected to come. Will be apart if Australian culture as well as their native

@92CWWHW answered…6mos

Quotas on immigration to maintain integration and economical flow

@92C5PH8 answered…6mos

no, but heavy quarantines and covid testing should be done upon arrival

@927ZNDV answered…6mos

@927DCHGLabor answered…6mos

No but slow it down and ensure they speak fluent English, are not a threat and are willing to adhere to the Australian way of life i.e. no burkas, they should have to immerse themselves into the community instead of arriving here to build there own communities.

@926SDF6 answered…6mos

No, but we should greatly decrease the amount of immigrants we currently allow into the country

@922BV4MLiberal answered…6mos

@8ZX6QFYOne Nation answered…6mos

No, but there should be more scrutiny on married couples, as many an Australia are scammed, and once the wife has a permanent visa, she will leave him.

@8ZTGP6HOne Nation answered…6mos

No, but it should be difficult to immigrate if you are not from a commonwealth country.

@8ZJG39M answered…7mos

Yes, except for critical situation immigrants eg Ukrainian war victims, victims of religious persecution

@8ZGCPJJGreen answered…7mos

keep immigration but add towns outback for the refugees to stay there and work on the farms and such so they can have a safe place to stay

@8Z7MNP2 answered…7mos

No, but focus on European immigration instead of countries with less cultural similarities with us.

@8Z2VPH7One Nation answered…8mos

Yes, allow immigration of people that have British ancestry only.

@8YWHHNVGreen answered…8mos

We should prioritise refugees, especially in those areas where we contributed to their lack of safety eg:Afghanistan.

@8YLG98RLabor answered…8mos

No, but it should be drastically reduced. Current numbers are too high.

@8YKD4S8Liberal answered…8mos

No,but we should focus on the quality and skills of immigrants and their ability to integrate into Austrian society and values

@8YHWBXV answered…9mos

temporary decrease immigration until our infrastructure can catch up


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