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@9YPQ6HYGreen answered…2mos

Lower age to 16 but make it non-compulsory till the age of 18

@9XKKQ29Christian Democratic answered…3mos

No, they should at least be mature enough at voting age to vote

No, but teenagers who pay taxes and/or are a part of a political party youth wing should be allowed to vote

@9WMPMHPLabor answered…4mos

If a person under 18 years years of age decides they want to cast a vote based on an issue that is relevant to their future then yes. However, it should not be mandatory as it is for persons over the age of 18.

@9VQ9B99Socialist Alliance answered…6mos

Yes, but until 21 it shouldnt be mandatory. Everyone should have to prove they understand the stants of the person they vote for

@9V6MGZJLabor answered…8mos

@9SHLSTVSocialist Alliance answered…11mos

Yes, it should be lowered to 16 but be optional until 18 when it is compulsory.

as long as this citizen is mature enough and loves the environment then he/she should be allowed to vote

@9KGBMKMGreen answered…1yr

Keep compulsory voting at 18+ but allow non compulsory voting for 16 & 17 yr olds

@9Q2VSHXUnited Australia answered…1yr

No, it should be raised to 25 and voters should be required to pass a basic test demonstrating their understanding of politics in order to vote

@9KFGF2SLabor answered…1yr

@9HSTMDLScience answered…1yr

Yes, to 16 but it should not be compulsory for voters under the age of 18

@9HMB27BNationals answered…1yr

Yes, however, a basic understanding of politics should be encouraged/taught, as well as meeting basic understanding requirements

@9H6H5XQIndependent answered…1yr

The voting age should be raised to 25, unless you are over 16, an Australia citizen, and paying taxes.

@9ZJ4TTXGreen answered…1 day

No, however 16 yo can volunteer enrol to vote early if they wish.

@9ZHHS85Green answered…3 days

@9ZC3QXJHealth Australia answered…1wk

23 years and over as at 18 you really have no idea of the impact election and people in power have.

@9Z5W3H3Labor answered…3wks

There should be a test that only if you pass you can vote. This might mean that a really politically aware 5 yr old might be voting, but if they pass the test they should be able to

@9Z342S5Independent answered…1mo

If they are really interested they could be nominated for the school.

@9YTWMT6Labor answered…2mos

Not unless we are educated in an unbiased manner about politics and Australian parties, and there should be a maximum voting age as well.

@9YTV4PFGreen answered…2mos

Votes from all ages should be considered but 18+ have a heavier weight.

@9YNSC3RGreen answered…2mos

Yes the age that gets the opportunity to vote should be lowered but it should not be mandatory for them.

@9W9JJ7SGreen answered…5mos

either those who have graduated from highschool or those above 18

@9W4NGM8Green answered…5mos

Yes it should be lowered to 16, with increased education in Australia for all people around voting

@9W4N425Green answered…5mos

Yes, but those under 18 should be required to demonstrate basic knowledge of politics. Voting should become compulsory over the age of 18 and optional for those over 16 years.

@9W248B6Green answered…5mos

The voting age should be lowered to 16 or alternatively, parents should get additional votes for children.

@9VWDDPCGreen answered…5mos

yes, but it shouldn't be required for those under 18 to vote

@9VSWV8YLabor answered…5mos

@9VRQ3XQOne Nation answered…6mos

It should be a mutual agreement between the employer and the employed

@9VR9RBMAnimal Justice answered…6mos

I think that anyone 16-18 should have the right to vote as long as they pass a basic test demonstrating their understanding of politics. Younger generations suffer the mistakes and failures of governments, so they should have a say in who determines their future.

@9VR8JVPLabor answered…6mos

I think it is necessary that our youth is more educated on social and economical issues, as well as an understanding of Australian politics

@9VPJ3G3Green answered…6mos

The only under 18s who should be able to vote are the ones who pay tax.

@9VPHKSZLabor answered…6mos


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