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@9ZJ8LK4Green answered…5 days

Yes, as long as they are not in danger of religious, identity, or political persecution, and have completed their sentence in Australia.

@9X8HJ9DAnimal Justice answered…4mos

if they are not an australian citizen, yes. if they are an australian citizen, no. they belong here now and serve sentence here

@9X3ND5TScience answered…4mos

I think it should be reviewed as a case by case situation. Things to consider are what type of crime they have committed, how safe it is for the person to return to his or her country, how much of a burden or threat the person would be to Australia or the country he or she came from.

@9VT8SMPReason answered…6mos

No as this doesn’t help either the person, our country or where we send them

@9V58988Liberal answered…8mos

No they should serve their sentence in the country/state they did the crime in.

@9SXR7KNSocialist Alliance answered…10mos

No, if they became a citizen before they commited the crime. Yes if they were not a citizen and it is safe for them to return to their country.

@9WGRNW5Green answered…5mos

Only if they cannot demonstrate ties to their country of residence (Australia) that superceed the ties to their country of nationality.

@9W3SHW9Independent answered…5mos

Yes, unless their country is still in a state of poverty, war, etc.

@9W2HD8RGreen answered…5mos

In certain circumstances such as crimes that affect the national security of Australia

@9VTB2BFIndependent answered…6mos

Need to define what "immigrants" involve. If referring to all people born overseas (as per Australian ABS census definition of "migrant"), then no.

@9ZJCGT7Green answered…5 days

No, of course not. They should be treated like any other Australian.

@9ZJ2M8RIndependent answered…5 days

@9ZD5DMFScience answered…2wks

Yes, unless they have become a legal citizen. And not be deported till after finishing their sentence.

@9ZC3QXJHealth Australia answered…2wks

We need to be able to take care of the people already here properly.

@9Z8F3T9Socialist Alliance answered…2wks

they should be made to serve time here, especially if they have dependents in the country

@9Z7428VLabor answered…3wks

If they an Australian citizen then no, if they are not then yes. Also depends on the crime

@9YXP3S8Reason answered…1mo

Yes, So long as it is safe for them to return and only if the have committed serious, violent crimes and murder

@9YVFV3CLabor answered…2mos

it should Depend on the severity of the crime and how much of a risk they are to the public.

@9YV6SQFSocialist Alliance answered…2mos

no they should be treated like any australian that has done a crime

@9YV2XLSLabor answered…2mos

In principle but each case should be decided individually by an independent judge and their should be a review process

@9YRKVSTReason answered…2mos

If they are a permanent resident no, if they aren’t then yes

@9YPTKNJLabor answered…2mos

No, but they should serve their sentence in Australia, and it should be more severe

@9YPQMYTGreen answered…2mos

they should be deported but after they have served there time in prison they should be allowed to reenter the country

@9YPQ37QGreen answered…2mos

Yes, after they finish serving their sentence and if legal then only if safe for them to return.

@9YPPVJFLabor answered…2mos

Depending on the crime they commit and if they have entered the country illegally.

@9YJHN5BLabor answered…2mos

Yes, if it is safe for them to return with the exception of terrorists who can always be deported

@9YCPF7QLabor answered…2mos

No, just serve sentence here like any other Australian Citizen

@9YBDZ5JScience answered…3mos

It depends on the crime as well as the safety of their country.

@9Y9JJP9Science answered…3mos

Yes, but only for violent crimes such as murder, sexual assault etc

@9Y6SVS6Green answered…3mos

No, but if they have been in Australia for more than 5 years they should have the option to serve their time in Australia.

@9XWXR2TLiberal answered…3mos

Yes if they have no yet become a permanent resident or Australian citizen.

@9XT6L99Labor answered…3mos

Let them understand the justice system first, then create a verdict.

@9XNWKNYOne Nation answered…3mos

NO, only if they have influenced the fall of Australian Agriculture, or ruining the stereotype of the immagrants race


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